10 Fascinating PHP and PHP-friendly admin templates

Nov 16, 2017 · 6 min read

Admin templates that perfectly matches your aesthetic appeal, functionality and tech stack requirements are readily available online. PHP admin templates (or templates that include PHP files) help you start building your PHP project right away.

If you come across bootstrap templates that do not feature PHP files, you have the option of converting Bootstrap admin templates into PHP compatible versions. Check out our below-detailed article on how you can use bootstrap with PHP.

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We have curated some of the best and highest-selling Admin templates that feature PHP/Laravel starter kits. The list is compiled in no specific order.

1 — Star Admin

Star Admin will help you save hours of time on your next project. With tons of attractive elements to select from and overall clean interface, this Bootstrap 4 template built with Laravel is ideal for your next PHP project.

2— Elite

With 21 demos that use a variety of UI components and charts, Elite admin template is a good choice for your PHP project. From 2000+ page templates to select from, to a huge collection of color schemes; Elite Admin is feature-rich, to say the least.

Highly-rated in ThemeForest with several outstanding reviews, Elite admin is a great choice.

3 — OneUI

OneUI is a super flexible Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template and UI framework with Laravel support. It comes packed with smart developer tools such as WebPack 4, Babel 7, Gulp 4, Autoprefixer and Browsersync which will save you time and help you build your project faster and more efficiently.

It includes a Laravel starter kit and comes packed with HTML and PHP versions. Completely modular with several unique features, OneUI will help you build your next idea.

4— Uplon

Uplon is a fully responsive premium web UI kit built. It comes with super clean user interfaces, many highly-customizable ready-to-use components, and widgets. The power of SASS and easy code allows any developer to turn this theme into real web application.

5 — Justdo

You will instantly fall in love with the JustDo Bootstrap admin template due to the great use of colors, fonts and . The fascinating collection of useful components and excellent elements that are included with this template will help you to easily build highly functioning responsive Web-Apps.

6 — Coco7

Coco is a premium admin template based on PHP and built with Bootstrap. The template is well-designed and the components are well-crafted. The template uses pale shades of colors on the user interface. The sidebar of the template is dark, the navbar and the main content have a white background which gives the components and widgets of the template the contrast of color that it needs.

The features of the template include two differently designed dashboards, a huge collection of UI elements, forms elements, charts, table, maps, an email application, many pre-built pages and two multi-level dropdowns up to three and four levels.

7— ProUI

Pro UI Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template is a very popular admin template based on Bootstrap 3. It is a responsive template with an attractive, modern and flat design. The template has lots of components that are arranged and organized in a proper manner improving its simplicity. The presence of a number of components does not complicate the design of the template. You can change the look of your web application with the 15 different color themes for the template and the two variations of the dashboard.

As already mentioned the template comes fully loaded with an immense list of components, elements, and widgets. Listing them all would be an exhausting task but there are some components that make this template unique. They are draggable boxes, e-learning pages, bug tracker pages, forum pages, components for syntax highlighting etc.

8 — VueJS-Laravel

VueA admin template is built with VueJS, Laravel and Bootstrap 4. The template has multiple color schemes and multiple layouts. The template contains a plethora of UI components. More than what you would need to create a fully functional, fully featured efficient admin template.

The template features many useful widgets like for emails and e-commerce applications and apps like a calendar. There are many pre-built pages including pages for e-commerce. The e-commerce pages also include an e-commerce dashboard. Other than the e-commerce dashboard the template features two other dashboards.

9 — Neon

Neon Bootstrap Admin Theme is a responsive retina ready admin template based on Bootstrap 3.3.5. It comes with 9 skin colors including a Facebook-themed skin. The template has 11different layouts, 3 different dashboard options and comes with RTL support. The interface has beautifully organized components and uses a flat design.

Neon admin template also has a front end template that can help you create user end page for your website. The template uses various plugins for charts, tables, forms etc. The applications in the template include calendars, mailbox, chat APIs, Gallery, etc. The extra elements in the template include a notes page, portlets, timeline pages, tocify, scroll boxes, image crop, language selector, nestable lists, file tree, load progress etc. There are more ready-made pages to help you get your web application up and running as soon as possible.

10 — AblePro

Able Pro Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template + Angular 1 Version is a responsive and retina-ready admin template with fully loaded functionalities and features. It comes with two different versions — light version and dark version both with the horizontal and vertical layout. The template is very colorful in itself and has 5 color schemes to choose from as well. It has 4 variations for the dashboard, 11 menu layouts that you can select to suit the theme of your admin panel. Also, you can easily customize the looks if you want to.

The template comes with an abundance of functionalities. To begin with, it has got 150+ pages, 100+ widgets, 1000+ UI components, a huge collection of charts, forms, tables etc. Extra pages include task management, e-commerce pages, social pages that include social profile, timeline, wall, message and authentication pages — for login, register, forgot password etc.