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10 Tools That Will Boost Your #Productivity

stag beetle and his tool

Instant language Translation

Around you

Call or Video

Grammar correction


  • read and mark it as done -> then it will get archived and removed from your inbox
  • not read and mark it important -> it stays distinctive in your inbox
  • or snooze -> it will remind you later that you will not forget

Categorisation or bundling

Automatic suggested replies

Other extremely helpful features

  • It saves invites automatically to your calendar. For example normal invites of course, but also concerts, flights and so forth.
  • You can save a link for later. Sometimes you have a link you would like to remind you for later, in that case, where should you put it? If you open Inbox, you can besides creating a new email click save for later and remind you That way it stays like an email in your Inbox, pretty cool hah?

Snooze emails in Gmail

Music that keeps you focused

The perfect headphones

Little Notes

Chrome add-ons



Ending words



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