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Craig Morrison

Apr 3, 2017

18 min read

10 Types of User Feedback You Need to Build a Better Product

Have you ever asked a user of your product how they like it, and had them tell you it’s fantastic, super easy to use, and they love it?

Now I’m going to cover 10 of the most important pieces of user feedback you should be collecting, how to collect it, and exactly why it’s so vital to the success of your product.

1 — How likely are they to recommend your product to a friend?

Why is NPS Score So Important?

How can you collect your NPS Score?

  1. Promoters (9–10 rating)
  2. Passives (7–8 rating)
  3. Detractors (0–6 rating)

2 — What bugs or problems are they running into?

Why is knowing about software bugs so important?

How to uncover bugs faster in your product?

3 — How happy are they with your customer support?

How can you make it easy for users to rate their support experiences?

4 — Have they searched for alternatives since signing up?

Why is this so important?

How to find out if users have been searching for alternatives?

  1. Have you searched for an alternative since you joined?
  2. If so, what were you looking for in a competitor’s product that we don’t have?

5 — What are their results from using your product?

Why are case studies so important?

  1. Uncovering benefits of your product you might not have realized.
  2. Providing you with a huge boost to your landing page conversions by offering results oriented testimonials.

How can you collect successful user case studies?

6 — How satisfied are they?

Why is user satisfaction so important?

How to find out if your users are satisfied?

7 — What do they think about a newly released feature?

  1. Spend hours building initial product.
  2. Release.
  3. Immediately start thinking of NEW ideas to include in product.
  4. Spend hours building and releasing new features.
  5. Get disappointed that people aren’t flocking to the product.
  6. Decide it must be because there isn’t enough features.
  7. Release 4,000 new features.
  8. Attempt to deal with bugs, usability issues, updates, and customer support problems that come along with every single new feature.
  9. Run out of money.

Why is feature feedback so important?

How to find out if/how a feature is being used?

8 — How much effort is it taking them to perform specific actions?

Why is user effort so important?

How can you find out how much effort tasks are taking your users?

9 — How often are they using your product?

Why is the amount a user logs in so important?

How can you find out how much people are using your product?

10 — What are they searching for and why?

Why are search analytics important?

How can you collect search analytics?

Collecting and implementing user feedback in the only way to successfully improve your product