5 Tech Companies That Thrive on User Trust

Shachar Shamir
Jul 12, 2018 · 6 min read

In light of recent scandals, there is little surprise in discovering that fewer people have faith in technology. With online information being so readily available, companies are jumping on this bandwagon of data and instilling it in their business strategies.

That being said, we’re all aware of the fact that online information isn’t reliable, and is very vulnerable to manipulation by hackers. In essence, with the growth of Artificial Intelligence and automation platforms, users are becoming more and more worried about handing out their personal information.

Yet, due to this technological era, people are increasingly reliant on the internet and digital technology — contradicting their fears and reluctance to give away personal information.

So, if technological companies don’t find a way to deal with user unease they’ll find many users turning away from them, towards companies they can trust.

According to a recent survey by Gemalto, 70% of consumers stated they would stop doing business with an organization if it experienced a data breach. So, it’s paramount brands take data security seriously and build user trust — or be doomed to failure.

In other words, customer perception of a brand is crucial when it comes to a successful company. So, if you want to be noted as a trustworthy company, you need to not only guarantee data safety but also have some positive traits.

Check out the following 5 tech companies that successfully thrive in their markets due to their trustworthy traits.

Work With Other Trusted Brands — Buffer

Buffer is a social media management platform that helps users schedule posts, analyze performance, and collaborate with teams, all in one place.

Users can easily manage their various social media accounts using Buffers dashboard, to effectively save time and energy switching between accounts everytime they want to post.

With this platform, users can maintain a consistent presence on social and build a strong following. Buffer automatically shares users posts according to their schedule and lets users add content to their queue, anytime, anyplace — making it adaptable to user needs and convenient for whatever the situation they may find themselves in.

As well as scheduling and managing posts, Buffer analyses posts performance, to let their users know what works, where and when. Ultimately, with their streamline analytics, they provide users with the ability to dig into key metrics and discover how to target their audience effectively.

Buffer has teamed up with Instagram, to offer users an opportunity of amplifying their businesses Instagram marketing. With this partnership, Buffer is able to build credibility and trustworthiness, as Instagrams trustworthiness speaks for itself, and their willingness to work with Buffer, speaks volumes.

Include Testimonials — Zebra Medical Vision

This medical tech startup works to significantly enhance the way radiologists care for their patients. Using their AI platform and algorithm, Zebra can read imaging scans and analyze them to draw relevant insights and findings, so radiologists can provide patients with more comprehensive and accurate outcomes. Therefore, guaranteeing that patients are in safe hands — and so is their data.

The algorithm not only speedily detects and diagnoses patient issues, but also, analyses the data with human-level accuracy to provide radiologists with the helping hand that they need.

They aim to improve healthcare capabilities by focusing on early identification of high-risk patients, facilitating disease prevention programs, optimizing prioritization of cases, and so on.

On their website, they offer visitors the chance to read what other big names have said about them. Testimonials and reviews are some of the most trusted forms of advertising — as users wouldn’t lie. By showing what others are saying, visitors understand the quality of the brand and product and will appreciate the service they receive.

Deliver On Promises — Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct aims to revolutionize the cybersecurity industry by harnessing the power of deep learning — feeding layers of data to the machine so it can intuitively understand new data without the need for a human expert.

Deep learning is used to develop an autonomous system that can effectively learn from raw data and draw predictions without relying on expert knowledge. This is then used to combat any cyber security threats by providing advanced protection, prevention, detection, and ensuring a low impact on performance.

In the company’s own words, “when you see threats for what they really are, it’s easy to prevent, identify and classify them.” They promise their users alternative way to regard threats, and the ability to respond to both the known and unknown. With this in mind, they seamlessly manage to keep their promise with their impressive tech, and unique solution — ensuring they aren’t losing their users trust.

Transparency — Seatpick

This ticket price comparison startup helps users find the best event tickets in mere seconds. Instead of sifting through countless individual ticketing sites across the web, they aggregate tickets fromthe biggest and safest ticketing sites, so users can sit back and find the best tickets available — with no hidden fees.

Seatpicks algorithm works by collecting and analyzing data on prices, seat location, fan reviews, weather, and so on, to find their users the best deals on the market, without having to break a sweat.

Their platform contains detailed interactive maps for users to determine what they consider the best seat, and avoid restricted views. In the future, they will be adding panoramic views which will provide users with a more accurate seating representation.

With their technology, users understand exactly what they are signing up for as SeatPick aim to combine technology and transparency to create a more trustworthy company. They are open and honest from the get-go with their users, informing them that they will be redirected to other trusted sites, upon clicking on tickets, and ensuring that users have the tools to find the best value for money tickets.

Make It Personable — Brayola

Brayola is a personalized online bra store, that helps women accomplish the impossible — find the perfect bra, when you don’t have a perfect size. Rather than using photoshopped slim models, Brayola opts to use real women’s details and measurements to help customers find the right bra for their specific body shape and size.

Brayola’s tech works by customers inputting details of the current bras they wear into the system, which it then analyses against data provided by thousands of other customers. The tech considers other women who wear the same bra, same size, and their shopping patterns to produce tailored findings. Brayola kindly presents the customer with a slew of options and recommendations. The tech takes into account size, shape, style, fabric, and offers sizing recommendations for each individual style — as all women know how inconsistent bra sizing is.

They believe in letting women shop confidently, and knowing that they are safe and secure using Brayola’s service. They let their personality shine while ensuring to be more human and very relatable — and ultimately, trustworthy.

Final Note

As the digital world expands, the eroding user trust will most likely hinder business growth — unless, companies find a way to emit transparency and trustworthiness in their business strategies and messaging.

We all know that trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, therefore, if brands wish to grow they’ll need to prioritize their customers and take active measures to earn their trust — only then will customers willingly hand out personal information.

While I’ve listed five tech companies that succeed in exemplifying their trustworthiness, there are many other traits out there that will help you align yourself with your target audience. So, be sure to make your brand a trustworthy one, as it’s the most important ingredient to succeed.