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5 Things to Keep in Mind for Building an eCommerce Website

5 Things To Keep in Mind While Building an eCommerce Website

1. Select an ecommerce or web hosting platform

2. Reverse Engineer Successful eCommerce Websites

3. Open source or SaaS — Choose wisely

4. Finding the Right Tech Partner

5. Clear and Easy Navigations

• Match Your Design with Your Products

• Proper Product Showcase and Descriptions

• Easy Checkout Proces

• Payment Options

Questions to ask an agency when developing an eCommerce site

“Cost & Time”

  • Building the portfolio
  • How do you determine the price of the project
  • How big is your company and how long have you been in the market?
  • Can you provide instances of websites you’ve developed in the past?
  • Do you hold any case studies that showcase the effectiveness of your sites
  • Do you have a project manager who will take ownership of my website when it is being created
  • Is there an ongoing cost to maintain the website, and if so, how much?
  • What standards and practices do you use to ensure that the site is responsive to different devices and is optimized for search?
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Are you willing to set up analytics for me?
  • What tools and solutions do you use for site’s analytics?
  • What eCommerce metrics do you advise we track?
  • How can we trace what products are performing best
  • How can we trace what channels are performing best?
  • How can we track how customers are using our site?
  • Website features
  • How do I create a discount or voucher code for my customers?
  • Will I be able to personalize the prices based on user groups?
  • Can customers review the products?
  • Can you develop a “WishList,” “Notify when a product is available,” or “Back-ordering” features?
  • Will the consumers be able to change the quantity of an item in their cart from the cart page?
  • Will the website possess a “dashboard” where users can update their information?
  • Search engine optimization
  • Do you incorporate keyword research as part of the website build?
  • Is site-wide HTTPS included as part of the build?
  • How do you optimize page speed, especially on catalog and image-heavy pages?
  • Will you implement Schema markup for my site?
  • Will you include a blog on the website? If so, will they be on the main site or sub-domain?
  • How will you deal with dynamically-generated pages?
  • Tech Questions:
  • Which technologies will be adopted in frontend?
  • Which technologies will be adopted in the backend?
  • Are you going to make Native Android & Native iOS Apps or Hybrid?
  • Which server will be used for hosting?
  • How will you ensure the security of the website?
  • How much time would be required to implement changes, if needed?
  • What happens if the server is down?
  • How do you ensure protection from hacking and phishing attempts?

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