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Intro to Cryptocurrency: Resources to Make You Crypto Fluent

A Cryptocurrency Crash Course

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Crypto Crash Course

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White Papers

Whenever someone asks me how to learn about blockchain or crypto in general, I tell them the exact same thing.

  1. Read the Ethereum white paper 10 times.


Now that you understand what blockchain is and why it matters, here are some websites to help keep you up to date on the latest news and data needed to succeed in this space.

  1. CoinMarketCal — CoinMarketCal is a necessity for traders and investors who value fundamentals over technical analysis. It lists all the newsworthy events happening in the industry, and users can upvote or downvote the events to represent how certain it is that the event is actually happening. This industry is so swayed by sentiment that sometimes people will push out fake news or events to manipulate the price of a coin. CoinMarketCal decentralizes the ability to verify an events validity by letting the community determine it.
  2. Coinalyze — Coinalyze is constantly running in the background of my computer. CoinMarketCap is great for getting a birds-eye view of the crypto market, but Coinalyze goes in depth. It lets you set alerts for price changes on certain coins (something you’ll learn is crucial once you see how volatile this market is), and also automatically scans all the cryptocurrencies listed and identifies technical analysis indicators as they arise — so you don’t have to spend hours charting on TradingView like I used to.
  3. CryptoPanic — CryptoPanic aggregates all the top news around blockchain and crypto into one dashboard. It pulls articles from Reddit, blogs, mainstream media outlets, and all the other little nooks and crannies of the internet. What I like about CryptoPanic, is that it employs the same consensus mechanism as CoinMarketCal — it lets its users vote on the credibility (and weight) of different news pieces.
  4. Reddit — Hate it or love it, Reddit is often the first place I find breaking news. It’s also what taught me about one of the most important aspects of blockchain, it’s community. Each cryptocurrency has a subreddit, some more active than others. Looking into a specific coins subreddit will give you insight into how its community feels about the token and its future — which is especially important in a market as sentiment driven as this. Start off with these subreddits, and when you’re done, just keep going down the rabbit hole.
    /r/ethtrader — speculation & news
    /r/bitcoin — developments & high-level news
    /r/btc — for those wishing to get an opposing view of /r/bitcoin (it’s bitcoin cash’s)
    /r/ethereum — developments & high-level news
    /r/cryptocurrency — speculation & news



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