A New Utility Library Designed to Get Things Done

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3 min readApr 4, 2017


Licia is a utility library that focus on getting daily works done. Unlike other libraries such as underscore, mout, which strictly separates its functions into several categories like array, string and function etc, licia is just a deadly simple collection of useful JavaScript snippets. That means, it grows while developing websites. Whenever I found something needed to build my page, it is added to the library. As a result, licia becomes a library with about 300 micro modules dealing problems in different aspects. For example, dom manipulation, cookies, class creation, template, date format, ajax, url, event emitter and a bunch more, even Promise.


Like I said, the library focus on getting things done, especially for mobile web development. You don’t need to use Zepto since there is a dom module with jQuery coding style. You don’t need to include a cookie library because a cookie module is already there. You don’t need moment, a dateFormat is good enough to handle most date related work. No need for Promise polyfill because there is already one. Same reason for micro event emitter libs. Ajax is not needed since we have not only ajax but also its Promise version fetch. You don’t need to include underscore anymore just because you want to use its shuffle function. As for mkdirp, the module that has many dependents in npm, there is no need for you to install it into your node_modules folder over and over again…


It is recommended to use the official bundling tool eustia to scan your code for generating a customized version that contains only methods you actually use. However, if you don’t like it, just install licia.

npm i licia --save

Then use it like any other npm utility modules such as lodash.

var uuid = require('licia/uuid');

console.log(uuid()); // -> 0e3b84af-f911-4a55-b78a-cedf6f0bd815

There is also an online builder, click here to give it a try.


This project is still under development with modules added every week. If you have some useful JavaScript snippets, contact me, probably it’s going to be added as long as it follows a few simple rules.

Official site: http://eustia.liriliri.io/

Module repo: https://github.com/liriliri/licia

Bundler repo: https://github.com/liriliri/eustia

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