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How to Use the Blockchain to Riff Artwork, Sell PDFs, and Otherwise Gain Economic Control of Your Property

Registration of property rights can bring communities together. It normalizes sharing and consent practices and helps to foster opportunities for innovation and creativity.

All About the Blockchain

  • ordered, it’s chronologically ordered, showing what’s first and last;
  • immutable, it can’t be changed once it’s written;
  • distributed, it’s stored on many different computers; and
  • usually decentralized, it’s not controlled by any one person.

All About Bitcoin

The Bitmark Blockchain

“Bitmark created a new blockchain … to better support the creation and exchange of digital assets and data.”

  • An Asset record registers an asset. It includes a fingerprint of the asset and the public key of a registrant.
  • An Issue record creates a specific instance of an asset. An asset record might link to just one issue record (if it’s unique) or to multiple issue records (if they’re part of a limited edition). An issue record includes the owner’s public key and is signed by the registrant’s private key. The result is a “bitmark”: digital proof of ownership of a property.
  • A Transfer record moves a specific instance of an asset from one owner to another. These are the heart of the Bitmark blockchain, because a string of transfers can be used to track an object’s provenance all the way back to its origin. Each record notes the public key of the new owner and is signed by the private key of the old owner.



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