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Blockchain Made Simple: No-Code Apps with Hyperledger Fabric and Joget

1. Introduction

1.1 Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technology (DLT)

1.2 Hyperledger and Hyperledger Fabric

1.3 Hyperledger Fabric Concepts

  • Blockchain ledger is a journal of all transactions and data that are stored in a distributed network.
  • Peer nodes are the network components where copies of the blockchain ledger are hosted.
  • Members are organizations that are part of the blockchain network
  • Certificate Authority (CA) issues certificates to identify users that belong to an organization.
  • Membership Services Provider (MSP) maps certificates to member organizations.
  • Transactions are requests to read or write data into the ledger
  • Ordering service are nodes that orders transactions into a block to be written into the ledger
  • Channels are private communication mechanisms to keep confidentiality between members in the network.
  • Smart contracts (called chaincode in Fabric) are code within the blockchain network that are invoked to query or update the ledger

2. Overview of the App

  • Query and list of all records from the blockchain network
  • Query and view a specific record from the blockchain network
  • Write a new record into the blockchain network after an approval process
  1. Ensure that a Hyperledger Fabric sample Fabcar network is up and running.
  2. Ensure that an instance of Joget Enterprise Edition is up and running.
  3. Download the Hyperledger Fabric Plugins JAR file, and upload the downloaded jar file through Manage Pluginsunder System Settings.
  4. Download the Joget jwa app and import it.
  5. Configure the fabric_host environment variable to point to the appropriate IP/hostname.
  6. Publish the app and access it from the App Center.
Welcome: Home page
Fabcar Listing: List of all records from the blockchain network
Fabcar Form: View specific record from the blockchain network
Approval Process: Approve a creation of a new record

3. Install and Setup a Hyperledger Fabric Network

3.1 Install Prerequisites

3.2 Install Hyperledger Fabric Samples, Binaries and Docker Images

3.3 Setup Sample Fabcar Network

4. Design Joget App

4.1 Design New App

  • App ID: fabcar
  • App Name: Hyperledger Fabric Fabcar Sample

4.2 Design Fabcar Form

  • Key
  • make
  • model
  • colour
  • owner

4.3 Use App Generator to Create App

5. Configure Joget Hyperledger Fabric Plugins

5.1 Upload Joget Hyperledger Fabric Plugins

5.2 Configure List to Query Hyperledger Fabric Ledger

5.3 Configure Form to View Hyperledger Fabric Ledger Record

5.4 Configure Process to Update Hyperledger Fabric Ledger

6. What’s Next



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