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Building Blockchain Web API Using Swift and Vapor


Implementing Models

  • index — The position of block in the blockchain. Index of 0 means that the block is the first block in the blockchain. Index of 1 means it is the second block in the blockchain.. you get the idea right!
  • dateCreated — The date when the block was created
  • previousHash — The hash value of the previous block
  • hash — The current hash of the block
  • message — Memo attached to each block. This is just for our purposes
  • nonce — Auto incremented number which plays an important role for mining the hash
  • transactions — An array of transactions. Each transaction represents a transfer of goods/value
  • key — This is a computed property which is passed to the hashed function

Implementing Web API Using Vapor

  • Mining: This endpoint will initiate the mining proess. Mining will allow us to satisfy the proof of work and add the block to the Blockchain.
  • Transaction: This endpoint is used to add a new transaction. The transaction will contain information about sender, receiver and the amount.
  • Blockchain: This endpoint returns the complete blockchain.
Mining a New Block
New Transaction

Adding Nodes to Blockchain

Register a New Node
Fetching All Nodes

Resolving Conflicts Between Nodes

vapor run serve -— port=8090
Blockchain on Port 8080
Blockchain on Port 8090
Registering a Node
Resolve End Point Returning Larger Blockchain



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