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Can Blockchain Genuinely Help Impoverished Communities?

Community currencies and how they can help impoverished communities flourish

What I’m getting at here is, we’ve created a large internet community of people who are extremely passionate about monetary theory and the concept of money- but we all tend to look to the future; the cutting edge.

“What else can we throw on the blockchain?!”

We should push OUR community to focus on creating impactful solutions.

Photo by Benny Jackson

Put simply; they digitized the pre-existing community currencies, put them on the blockchain and made them convertible for one another.

To clear the air…



Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Bettie Jones, Botham Jean

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Reza Jafery

Ops @ PubDAO / Community @ Reflexer / Product @ Decrypt. Trying to change the rules and create a positive sum game.