Create a Spotify Like Music Streaming App & Website That Actually Doubles Your Revenue

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Build your own music streaming app/website like Spotify with complete headway technologies, features, and monetization models to maximize your revenue.

As of the 2018 quarter; The music streaming app leader, Spotify had a monthly user count of 47.7 million in the US alone. The count is projected to keep growing globally in the coming years.

So how did a single music streaming platform go on the high horse to become a musical phenomenon? That too, in a time when pirated audio tracks were easy than ever to access. The answer relies on how the company went on to modify the ways music lovers consumed music. Online media streaming platforms gave space for listeners to buy music tracks individually, and on-demand, unlike the conventional full album CD purchasing arena. And that’s how online music streaming services came to existence.

So how to create digital music streaming application of your own?

With such a promising business model, entrepreneurs naturally invest their interests to develop music streaming website & applications like Spotify of their own. In today’s climate, if a person wishes to create a audio streaming platform of their own, they are bound to follow some of the key elements Spotify created.

So let’s dive into some of the key elements that made this music streaming app claim the throne of digital music.

Spotify — The Platform that Redefined Music

Spotify is a music streaming app that not only has a humongous number of users, but it also earns a whopping 70 million dollars via global subscribers. The features Spotify has adorned itself with is so smoothly compatible with its algorithm that it delivers 1000s of music tracks on any given instant, on a global scale.

Have you wondered what really makes Spotify a global ruler in the music streaming app market?


Yes, absolutely, Spotify’s features are the real performers which backups the music streaming platform in delivering tons of music tracks globally.

Some of its Spotlighting Features that Drive as a Ruling Music Streaming Website/App

Spotify like Music Streaming App Features

Registration & Social Login:

Social logins allow users to access music streaming platforms through any major social media forums they have an account in. This promotes personalization by fetching basic info & likes the users have established in these forums.

User Profile & Authorisation:

This feature makes authorization of user profiles a walk on the cake by auto exporting form details such as email address, name, and nationality.

Audio Streaming:

Audio streaming is both primitive and advanced simultaneously. This mode of streaming allows broadcasting updated blockbusters hassle-free

Effective Search Tab & Organization:

Elastic search engines joining hands with personalized platforms is a given success strategy. The SEO optimized searches trigger results based on multiple meta tags and genres fed in the backend, giving precise results.


Having a personal favorite list of track ensures user returns more often. These playlists can be owned on both online and offline music streaming based on the subscription model the users are affiliated to.


Listening to the specific tracks of interest anytime with zero hindrance and worry of the internet is the eternal success potion. Downloading on any smart devices for offline availability accelerates user rates.


This feature comes in multiple options such as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll to monetize your music streaming platform.

Push Notification:

Push notifications act as a magnetic effect, attracting users with enticing pieces of information such as recent updates from artists, communities, and friends even while they are not live on the app.

Invite Friends:

With this feature, stay connected to your friends while listening to your favorite tracks. Invites can be sent through social media and email id.

Song Writer Profile:

Creating a bio for artists enables listeners to connect with the music they listen to on a closer level while also giving a token of encouragement for the artists by providing them brand visibility.

A Surprisingly Good Way to Build Your Music Streaming Website

With increased demand for new music streaming apps, there are 1000s of on-demand music streaming platforms cropping up to cater to specific demands and the varying tastes of music lovers. This, in turn, has given rise to the dawn of ready-made music streaming solutions that build customizable apps and websites.

Introducing Contus Vplay, one such customizable audio streaming solution that has been developed with a decade of market research invested in the particulars of music streaming. This effort stands out and makes Vplay one of a kind, making the products they build a certified success strategy.

What Makes CONTUS VPlay to Stand out in the Overwhelming Market of Music Streaming Solutions?

CONTUS VPlay is a music streaming solution that is equipped with advanced technologies such as PVNS, QTSS for streaming its servers, HLS and RTMP protocols for broadcasting music tracks, AWS, Minio and Azure Storage, or a custom-built server on client’s premises for a complete end-to-end scalable experience. The data management tools pick up optimization speed of the tracks streamed and delivers the best version of the music on any platform.

Surpassing Technology Stack at its Cardinal:

Memory Cache:

Most of the listeners are not aware of the memory cache where Contus Vplay uses a specific area of your system to hold the latest data processing that is downloaded from the web or from a nearby similar user as quickly as it can. This processing can enhance the music listening experience by delivering flawless music streaming capability without buffering. For example, Spotify’ music streaming tracks are positioned on different locations thus to minimize the database of the streaming.

Apart from all these hallmarks, there are certain features that (Contus Vplay — leading Music Streaming Service Provider) proffers in the music streaming application.

Memory Cache:

A memory cache, a lesser known technology that backs music streaming industry, nonetheless lesser important, is a process through which an algorithm stores streamed music in the physical devices of the listeners in the form of cache. This comes in handy when these listeners request for the same track. The cache gets played from the local device, cutting down the time to fetch the content from its parent server for every single request.

Cloud Storage:

Upload and store unlimited audio files in highly secured storage. Host your files with no fuzz of running out of storage or losing clarity in the being audio-streamed.

In-app Dialogues:

Communication is the key. Though image/text sharing with their peers, users are prone to spend more time on an app than in its absence.

Switch Dashboard Reporting:

Drop the elaborate waits. Now, get alerts on viewers’ watching history, engagement timings, and contact views with Contus Vplay’s craftily designed dashboard that reflects user insights

Reliable Music Player:

Contus Vplay employs its own custom-built HLS player equipped with adaptive bitrate technology to delivery pristine solutions in varying resolutions. The solution is also engined to function on any platform.

Social Sharing:

Let your users share their most-liked favorited music tracks with their friend’s circle, both privately or in public & view what their connections share.

Partner Portal:

Club with your favorite creators! Contus Vplay offers eye-popping partnership schemes where external/independent creators can stream on your audio streaming platform. Go for a win-win

Live Streaming:

One of the exceptional feature that CONTUS VPlay offers in order to broadcast live events, bands and other music launch activities on a real-time basis across the platforms.

Own Brand:

Build a music streaming app/website under your own brand name with appealing Personalized Visualization (UI/UX) that captivates your audience base globally to sustain profitable music streaming business.

Multi-location Adaptability:

CONTUS VPlay provides an absolute hosting and server possibility that implies to all the countries where you can create an OTT platform on any geographical area.

Monetization Modules to Trigger Your Revenue

In-app Advertisement:

Run ads in your app and earn money through it. Ads can be run as banners in the form of videos/images and aggrandize your revenue

Premium Monetization Model:

Churn out maximum revenue with ad-runnings, coupons/promotions, premium subscriptions and much more! Our six-step monetization choices grant you the best model to make the most of your app.

So, Finally How much it cost to build a Music Streaming App/Website?

Adaptive bitrate streaming is a universally loved feature in media streaming for its flexibility. But to provide this flexibility to your users, it is going to cost more as the number of resolution option goes up.

Thus, to put it in simple terms, the exact draft of how much it might cost to create a music streaming app like Spotify depends on the requirements the platform owner desires.

Factors such as cloud storage and music streaming licensing might be higher up on the scales of money, but they are essential in a journey towards establishing a music arena. Contus Vplay fends to these requirements to the prim to satisfy its clients.

Ready to build your own Spotify like App? Contus Vplay has been developed with a decade of market research invested in the particulars of music streaming. This effort stands out and makes Contus Vplay one of a kind, making the products they build a certified success strategy. Contact us to find out more.



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