CryptoCurve — A Solution to Mass Adoption?

Why might CryptoCurve lead the way for mass adoption of blockchain technology? Read on to find out!

Michael Draper
Oct 14, 2018 · 7 min read

In early 2018, many got caught up in the buzz of the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. From its humble beginnings in 2008 Bitcoin had risen to almost $20,000 USD; the rise was quick and greater than anyone could have ever anticipated.

The rapid ascent led to its eventual decline, which some deemed a “bubble”, I would not jump the gun so quickly. A fundamental problem with Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies that have stunted their growth is a poor or non-existent “user experience”.

It is simply too difficult for non-tech users to understand and grasp how to buy, sell, and hold cryptoassets. Outlined throughout this article is a platform which is set to revolutionize the crypto user-experience for veterans and newcomers alike.

That platform is CryptoCurve, the all-in-one CryptoCurrency wallet for managing all of your cryptocurrency needs. The CryptoCurve ecosystem provides seamless integration between a user and their crypto wallet by providing the ability to buy, sell, send, or hold their digital cryptoassets easily.

What was the one thing you had to have before you could purchase any cryptocurrency?

A wallet.

Almost all crypto heads would be familiar with this term because they would have interacted with a wallet in the past in one form or another.

A crypto wallet is the interface and application that everybody uses to transact any cryptocurrencies they wish to use.

For example: When you want to purchase your first bitcoin, you have to have a wallet to store it in. When you want to spend Bitcoin, you have to use your wallet to transfer that Bitcoin. If you’re going to buy any other Crypto, again you need a wallet where you can store it.

The wallet is everybody’s exit and entry point into crypto.

Crypto wallets are an essential tool for how cryptocurrencies are transacted, used, and accessed on a daily basis. As a result, the number of crypto wallets has increased exponentially over time as more people have entered into this space.

The chart below indicates the number of unique Ethereum addresses that have been created by September 19, 2018. This same rate of expansion can be seen throughout the crypto landscape to a similar degree.

Source: EtherScan

Problem: Interoperability, UI, Safety and Trust Of The Wallet Ecosystem

While I would like to say that crypto wallets are currently fantastic and that my grandparents can use them, in reality, this is far from the case. The future of the crypto ecosystem is under siege due to interoperability, UI, security and trust issues.

The Curve Wallet stands out because of the interoperability and ease of use in the wallet. The Curve Wallet (and the whole CryptoCurve ecosystem) is built on top of cross-chain solutions, specifically through their official partnership with Wanchain.

The focus on interoperability allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies in one location and allows CryptoCurve to integrate their technology with any new blockchain rapidly.

Interoperability makes the user experience considerably easier because of the integration with other blockchains — freeing the user from the constraints of any given blockchain, and thus making the whole experience of managing cryptocurrency assets more straightforward.

This, I believe, will be key in driving adoption of blockchain technology into newer audiences.

Security is essential to the success of a cryptocurrency wallet, and that is why it is the primary focus for the CryptoCurve team. Five critical security features in the Curve Wallet that are worthy of mention include:

The Curve Wallet keystore vault encrypts, shards, and replicates keys across multiple distributed keystore instances. More experienced users can store their keystore files themselves (like other wallets) or utilize dual storage by simultaneously storing keys personally as well as on the Curve Wallet.

The Curve Wallet’s beneficiary system helps ensure transactions that you make go to the right person. For example, an account that has not received any transactions would have an uninitialized (or low) score, and so a warning will be presented to the user making the transfer.

Standard wallets require only a single user to confirm a transaction before a transaction is sent to the blockchain. In a multi-signature wallet, multiple users must approve a transaction. This provides greater security when a number of different users own and have access to a larger pooled wallet of funds.

Multi-factor authentication is recommended best practice for protecting any sensitive data. By providing an extra layer of authentication, this goes beyond the security measures of simple usernames and passwords. With the release of their mobile app, OTP will be enforced with in-app validation of transfers being made mandatory.

Curve Wallet users will be able to integrate features currently used on many bank and credit card mobile applications — such as fingerprint or facial recognition — instead of traditional passwords.

*For a deeper dive into the separate security features, I would recommend reviewing the CryptoCurve Whitepaper.

The CURV token is the fuel for the CryptoCurve ecosystem and allows for:

  • Real-time transfers with low fees
  • Low fee crypto payments to payment integrators; and
  • Enables developers to abstract underlying infrastructure from the tools they are building.

Other utilities of the token include:

  • Governance: To decide future developments of the Curve Wallet
  • Staking: Actively Invest In ICOs
  • Pooling: Create And Run Your Own Pooling Smart Contracts
  • Discounts: Trading Fee Discounts
  • Burning: CryptoCurve Buyback Program
  • Nuking: Transferring your whole portfolio into BTC

CryptoCurve aims to raise a total of 37.000 ETH and 6 million USD in WAN. A total of 415 million CURV will be minted initially, with 207.5 million CURV, or 50% being sold to investors.

The CryptoCurve team is aiming to sell total curve tokens at a rate of 1 CURV = $0.20 + 25% bonus. The token vesting mechanism is as follows: 25% of tokens will be released initially, then 20% per month for the following five months.

The CryptoCurve team is an extensive team that covers partnerships, sales, UI/UX design and marketing. The team members have highly impressive backgrounds, which includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise, US Navy and Marine Corp, Amazon and Wanchain.

CryptoCurve is supported by WanLabs (Wanchain’s project incubator) and this renders all sorts of consultative support in both technical and management areas.

The team has won the Best ICO award in Dubai recently at the World Blockchain Summit. Notable Team members include:

Joshua Halferty, CEO.
Mr Halferty is an expert in leading large, geographically dispersed, development teams through all phases of project delivery while successfully maintaining timeline and budgetary requirements. For the last two years, Mr Halferty has provided leadership in product and project management positions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Prior to that, Mr Halferty led multi-million-dollar software development projects for the US Navy and Marine Corp. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Xander Yi, CFO & Founder and Partner at the Law Offices of Gutierrez Yi.
Mr Yi has broad legal experience and brings valuable leadership and legal, business, and financial expertise to the company. Mr Yi graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University and served as a clerk for the Arizona Attorney General’s office. He also previously launched a successful eCommerce business.

Andre Cronje, Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer.
With more than 13 years of experience in core technology leadership roles, Mr Cronje has lent his expertise to various entities as a lecturer, CTO, and Head of Technology, and Technical Team Leader. He has many years of blockchain experience, including serving as Chief Crypto Code Reviewer at CryptoBriefing and as Head of Technology at Freedom, which works to innovate technology in financial services. In these roles, Mr Cronje has scaled and innovated financial service technologies, including neural nets, deep learning, and Big Data.

Se​á​n McGurk, Security.
Mr McGurk has over 37 years of experience in advanced systems operation, cyber threat intelligence and information systems security. His experience includes multiple senior-level leadership roles such as Director of the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center at the Department of Homeland Security and Chief Security Officer for Web Operations at Amazon Web Services.


  • Dustin Byington
  • Mark Ashelford
  • Rajesh Gopi
  • Addison Huegel
  • Moe Levin
  • Tim Bukher

Wanchain (WanLabs)

WanLabs is a blockchain incubator for the Wanchain ecosystem.

WanLabs focuses on blockchain projects that address real-world problems by utilising Wanchain’s unique privacy and cross-chain capabilities and building an interconnected blockchain ecosystem

Pulse Lab

Pulse lab is a blockchain-focused accelerator providing expert consultation in legal structure, finance, technology, and tokenomics for paradigm-shifting projects.


ICO №1 is a Seoul-based blockchain technology media and advisory company that provides Korean-language ICO information and news to blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.


Financial platform powered by a commodity backed stable currency.

Freedium is building a Blockchain ecosystem that offers a stable currency, liquidity to commodity owners, and financial inclusion solutions.


Global ID Validation for the Digital Economy.

We’re building the future of trust with advanced biometrics, a fully automated, scalable solution, and deep industry knowledge, to ensure compliance in all your digital transactions.


AirWire’s platform allows anyone to transmit cryptocurrency through text, email, QR code, or social media. AirWire automatically populates a wallet for every different cryptocurrency a user receives providing the best onboarding experience in the industry. Businesses and individuals can utilize our next generation airdrop and bounty technology to distribute or accumulate cryptocurrency. AirWire removes the technical barriers and brings mass adoption within reach!

CryptoCurve’s website:

CryptoCurve’s Whitepaper:

Telegram community (main):

Telegram community (Korean):




Disclaimer: The author does not hold any CURV tokens and is not affiliated with CryptoCurve.


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Michael Draper

Written by

Crypto journalist, enthusiast, and advocate writing about the latest and greatest blockchain innovations.

Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Bettie Jones, Botham Jean

Michael Draper

Written by

Crypto journalist, enthusiast, and advocate writing about the latest and greatest blockchain innovations.

Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Bettie Jones, Botham Jean

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