[Day 1] Zero to MVP in 30 Days — Idea & Plan

Emil Bruckner
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3 min readNov 23, 2017


If you don’t already know what this series is about, check out Day 0, where I outline what it’s all about.

Find better questions

At some point, while building votre.me, I wanted to promote it by telling people about it and how it could help them. What better way to do that than telling those who basically already asked for that? I headed to the Q&A Site N1 — Quora, and searched for questions. That’s not too easy. You can’t really filter anything there.

So you hop from question to related question to related question and look at the title, the question’s stats and so on to get an overview about which question(s) to answer best.

That’s the thing I want to automate here.

I do already know that other people fact the same problem. I want to validate whether that are enough people and check if they want to automate it at all and in which way.

Since indexing all Quora-Questions doesn’t seem like an option here, we’ll just automate exatly what you’d do manually and write all the data you’re interested in into a spreadsheet. Since you hop from question to question you only get related questions anyway and filter from there.

Building the tool

Skip this section if you’re not interested in technical details.

Hosting — netlify
frontend — react(next.js?) & ant.design
backend — graph.cool
auth — auth0
doing the question magic — microservice

I haven’t tried the above solution and I might change it, we’ll see, just an idea.

As far as the marketing stack goes, I’ll be using something near Justin Jackson’s Lean Marketing Stack. I don’t know whether he coined that term, but I read about it in his book Marketing for Developers. I’ll follow quite many of his principles in this series.

I’ll start with segment.com in the center of it all.

Analytics — Google Analytics, Mixpanel
Email — haven’t decided on that yet … Comment if you have suggestions
some live chat and CRM

Payment System

But most of that isn’t a priority. Analytics & email will be there from day 1 though. All of the above services should save me time and all of them have generous free tiers. Segment is the one where I’m most worried about hitting the paid plan.

Finding customers

I’ll obviously have a landing page, but may do a Product Hunt Ship first. Collecting emails will be a priority. I’ll also reach out to people who might have interest in this tool. I’ll use Matthew’s Strategy for identifying active threads on the topic. Check out his guide which he published along with his MVP in 30 days series.

Finding a name

I hate this.

I’ll wait for black friday (tomorrow) to get the domain, so I won’t tell you the name yet.

Day 2

Tomorrow I’ll mess around with the tech side a little. I’ll also have to validate if that could even work. Shouldn’t be long to make sure. After that I’ll message some folks.

If you want early access to the tool, you can subscribe here:

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