Definitive List of Artificial Intelligence Examples In Use

Alexander Jones
Jan 24, 2018 · 8 min read

‘Multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence’ ¹ —the combined resource, human capital, technology, technical assistance, and Ontology (Information Science) to unleash and embrace the potential of individuals, systems, and policies.

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Artificial Intelligence is among us, and has useful applications. AI is the new electricity, and will transform every industry. Domain specific AI, and augmented intelligence may be the rise of new market verticals. Augmented intelligence may find solutions where we were unable or unwilling to. Without realizing it, we already use multiple forms of AI. In search we utilize machine learning, natural language processing, and image recognition.

Focusing on multiple disciplines is key. Today’s challenges intersect with multiple industries requiring broad skill sets able to assess, evaluate, and understand the solutions of tomorrow today. Many AI toolsets are out of box solutions ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges today.

This was the beginning of a gathering place, conversation, and virtual incubator for executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, and designers decentralizing specialized knowledge, relationships, and understanding of multidisciplinary artificial intelligence.

From past experiences I learned it was sometimes difficult to gain access to the right relationships and information. However the miracle of Digital Borders allowed anyone with a stable internet connection to collaborate and learn together in real-time.

Intrigued and inspired with the ideas of becoming a digital nomad was the beginning of an audience intelligence design firm. Along with professional email marketing and automation application, social media outreach plan for target audience, and coworking popup powered by a mobile cloud.

What does this mean?

What does it mean to turn every end computing device or smartphone into an incubator. What does it mean to turn every coffee shop, restaurant, sitting room, and underutilized office or commercial space into a coworking space?

Resilient societies will unleash and embrace the potential of individuals. Many papers, datasets, image recognition hierarchies, and software tools related to deep learning are open source. This has delivered a democratizing effect, empowering individuals to build powerful applications.

WhatsApp was able to build a global messaging system serving 900M users with just 50 engineers, compared to thousands of engineers needed for prior generations of messaging systems.

Sharing Economy Disruption is now happening in AI. Software tools like Theano and TensorFlow, with cloud data centers for training and inexpensive GPUs for deployment, allow individuals and small distributed teams to build state-of-the-art artificially intelligent systems. Or plug and play domain specific AI options with Movidius Neural Compute Stick.

Organizations, non governmental organizations, and digital communities will seek platforms to maximize profitability and sustainability in global markets. Emerging technologies, systems, and policies will require parsing to appreciate the cumulative effects on human beings, societies, states, and the planet.

Establishing safety standards, and common protocols for emerging information communication technologies (ICT), biotechnologies, and new materials are among us. The development and deployment of AI without regulatory standards can be inherently dangerous to humans. Failing to develop standards for Multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence can lead to economic inefficiencies, and lost economic opportunities.

What blockchain AI product, service, or process will an individual or small distributed team build next?:

Labor & Education

Find employment
Grow business or project
Mark essays

Be a teaching assistant
Create custom textbooks
Create personalized learning plans
Tutor kids in math


Get parking tickets cancelled
Organize your photos
Be your personal assistant
Do data entry
Improve your writing
Make a staffing rota
Schedule your meetings
Take notes in a meeting


Detect payment fraud
Do your accounts
Find cheap flights
Help you look after your money
Make lending decisions
Manage a hedge fund
Optimize your spending
Price risk
Identify target audience
Market transparency
Provide financial planning advice
Provide investment advice
Suggest venture capital investments
Trade equities


Cloud Storage for Business
Buy and place ads
Check commercial loan agreements
Optimize retail inventory
Review theft insurance claims
Build project teams
Coach call center staff
Conduct M&A due diligence
Conduct legal case research
Design a pricing strategy
Detect benefit fraud
Handle customer support
Personalize customer experiences
Review NDAs
Review motor insurance claims
Run a luxury concierge
Write financial bulletins
Write sports bulletins
Predict box office performance
Predict court cases
Predict fashion trends
Run a hotel reception desk

Home & Lifestyle

Recommend movies
Recommend music
Recommend stuff to buy
Adjust your lights
Clean your windows
Give you fashion advice
Guess who you know
Invent recipes
Learn your weekly shop
Mix cocktails
Mow your lawn
Optimize your heating
Predict how long your relationship will last
Reduce your water bills
Vacuum your floors
Buy stuff on your behalf
Control your entire house
Cook your meals


Block spam emails
Detect malware
Enhance pixellated images
Detect compromised user accounts
Flag extremist videos
Identify surface-to-air missile sites
Operate a sentry gun
Patrol shopping malls
Spot burglars
Spot trolls on Twitter
Staff a police station
Verify your identity from a selfie
Predict protests and riots
Predict who is going to commit a crime
See through walls


Manage supply chain
Reduce industrial energy consumption

Spray pesticides
Clean floors
Detect crop diseases
Predict crop yields
Predict maintenance tasks
Sort cucumbers
Pick up fruit and vegetables
Run a factory
Run a warehouse


Dispatch taxis
Drive a car
Drive a truck
Fly an F-16 fighter jet
Pilot a drone
Predict parking availability
Design a sports car
Predict where you want to go


Hunt for subatomic particles
Classify extreme weather events
Discover new models in biology
Discover new planets
Find new uses for existing drugs
Identify bacteria
Draft research papers
Invent alternatives to meat
Predict disruptions in fusion reactions
Predict earthquakes
Simulate quantum systems


Diagnose pneumonia
Diagnose skin cancers
Predict autism
Predict heart attacks and strokes
Diagnose cataracts
Generate oncology treatment plans
Identify diabetic retinopathy
Identify malaria parasites in blood
Predict Alzheimer’s disease
Predict high blood pressure
Predict hypoglycemic events
Predict schizophrenia
Predict sepsis
Predict sleep apnea
Detect falls in the home
Diagnose common conditions
Diagnose prostate cancer
Make precise incisions
Monitor outpatients
Predict hospital readmissions
Screen for cervical cancer
Suture a wound


Identify you from your face
Identify you from your walk
Describe what’s happening in a picture
Distinguish chocolate chip vs raisin cookies
Identify objects for visually impaired people
Identify plant and animal species
Tag your friends in photos
Track multiple faces in a crowd
Detect child abuse images
Distinguish chihuahuas vs muffins
Guess your age
Recognize emotions in pictures
Recognize partially concealed faces
Turn photos into videos


Organize your Facebook news feed
Search the web
Improve your UX design
Predict hard drive failures
Improve your WiFi performance
Learn how to use a computer
Learn how to use encryption
Turn wireframes into working apps
Write AI software
Write unit tests

Speech & Language

Lip read
Pick a single voice out of a crowd
Translate over 100 languages
Interpret orders from a Starfleet captain
Speak naturally
Transcribe a conversation
Translate in real time
Write convincing reviews
Learn to speak like someone else
Recognize emotions in speech
Spot fake news
Translate like a native speaker


Fake a video of someone talking
Mimic famous artists
Spot forged artworks
Compose classical music
Copy your handwriting
Design logos
Direct a panel show
Draw creepy pictures
Edit photos
Generate photorealistic faces
Mix like a DJ
Recognize doodles
Compose pop music
Write a film
Write a novel
Write poetry
Write songs


Play Atari 2600
Play Battleship
Play Go
Play Jeopardy!
Play Shogi
Play Texas Hold-Em
Play chess
Play Doom
Play Dota 2
Play Sokoban
Play Super Mario Bros
Play table tennis

Robotics & Positronic Brain

An Imagination
Juggle balls in mid-air
Animate the poo emoji
Dance Gangnam Style
Do a backflip
Nail an IQ test
Tell if you are dreaming
Judge a beauty contest
People tolerance and open-mindedness

Ready to unleash and embrace your potential? Get Answers.


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