Do Visitors Understand Your Product? The Secret For SaaS Conversion Rates

Pedro Cortés
Mar 29, 2019 · 9 min read
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Your visitors might not like your explanation

Here’s the ONLY thing that will skyrocket your SaaS Conversion Rates…

How you explain the product.

I know, I know… This doesn’t sound sexy, but it works (really well actually)!

Why? Because people need to feel they can get value out of your product and that’s the ONLY reason why they convert.

Also, the more expensive your product is the harder it is to justify the value and the more you need to nail down this messaging process.

It’s the core of every optimisation project I do for my clients and it’s something I RARELY see done right.

In this article, I’ll show you my step-by-step process on how to explain your product in order to convert more visitors.

The Real Reason Behind SaaS Conversion Rates

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No, it’s not about the color of your CTA’s…

It’s not about the features you explain…

It’s not about the “cute” illustrations you asked your Designer to do…

Or the copy you (and/or your team) spent AGES trying to get right…

At the end of the day it’s not about how your website looks (or how it reads) but how the visitors perceive the value of the product.

This means, it’s all about how you explain the product.

How you make it seem valuable…

How you make it seem like the “perfect solution”…

And how you make it seem 10x better (or more unique) than your competition…

You’ll get a five step process on how to do it later in this article, full (free) video version here.

If They Don’t Understand The Product, Why Should They Convert?

Trust me, they won’t convert :(

Think about it…

People buy SaaS products because they want to fix a problem.

If they don’t feel your product can fix it, they literally have NO reason to convert…

Think about your own buying habits.

Do you buy SaaS products because they seem cool?

Because they have cool illustrations?

Or Generic Copy?

No, you buy them because they seem like the perfect solution for YOUR problem.

You need to create a connection between their main problem and your product being the solution.

But who is supposed to know how to do that?

Who’s Job Is It To Explain The Product (Properly)?

The founder’s? He/She can create great products (and run the company) but doesn’t know how to explain them :(

The Designer’s? He/She is amazing at designing products (and graphics) but when you ask them to do your Landing pages they struggle to make them convert :(

The Marketer’s? He/She is amazing at high level marketing strategy but struggles to define the perfect copy or to guide others on how to do it (like the designer) :(

You guessed it… There’s no official title for someone to explain your product perfectly and make your SaaS Landing pages convert like crazy.

Because no one REALLY knows how to do it, your team ends up taking forever to make changes and they often lead to underwhelming results.

That’s why you need a billion iterations! How much is that costing you?

Don’t worry! I help SaaS companies overcome this product and in this article, I’ll give you an overview of my proven process below👇.

If you follow it properly I can guarantee your visitors will see more value in your product and will want to convert.

How To Make Your Visitors WANT To Convert

(better SaaS conversion rates for you!)

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The reaction you need from your visitors

Here’s how to make the website sell the product for you!

How to make it seem like the perfect solution…

Make it seem 10x better than the competition…

The goal of this is to help people understand the value your product provides.

If they do, they will see the ROI they can get!

If your product is done right, their ROI should be 5x-10x your price…

Guess what? If your website is also done right (following the process below) the price will seem like a “no-brainer”!

The visitors will WANT to convert.

Want The Video (More Detailed) Version Of This Formula? Here’s free video (no opt-in, and examples from real pages and real clients)

Step #1 — Identify The Core Problem

We already established that people are buying your product to fix a problem…

But not just any problem… A problem they are willing to pay for!

That’s what improves SaaS conversion rates…

If you don’t focus on a big enough problem then there’s no point in paying the price you ask for or even sign up for a free trial or demo.

How do we found this CORE problem?

Here are a few ideas 👇

1) Which problem are they already paying to fix? This is the best indicator of commitment. If they are already paying to fix a problem then they already think it’s worth paying for. For some reason the solution they are paying for is not good enough so find out why and use it in your pitch.

2) What’s wrong with their current process? Something is wrong with their current way of doing things which forces your potential customers to take action and find a better way to do it. What are they currently doing to fix the problem? Why can’t they keep doing it? How does your product fit that process?

3) What’s missing from your competitors? This is also a HUGE one. Studies show that it takes 7x the effort to make someone switch from a competitor so if your potential (or current customers did) there must be a very STRONG reason to do it! What’s the reason? That’s their core problem, something so painful they had to switch tools to fix it.

Step #2 — Position Your Offer As The Perfect Solution

Never try to use your competition as reference, they are probably struggling too.

Let’s face it, the SaaS world is growing and with that comes a ton of competition and a ton of copy cats.

How will you stand out?

Sometimes this step alone is the thing that will get you the biggest boost in SaaS conversion rates.

To learn how to do this you need to answer 2 questions.

1) How is you product better? Why are people switching from the competitors? Why is it easier to use? Faster? And so on…

2) How easily can you make the leap? This is a huge one that is never on Landing pages for some dumb reason… There are always costs (time + money) associated with switching software or processes so ALWAYS explain how easily you can switch to your solution. Maybe it’s because you have amazing support, a ton of guides, great onboarding, integrations with tools they already use … Whatever it is make sure to include it on your Landing pages!

Step #3 — Speak Their EXACT Language

Awesome, now that you have their core problem and your product seems unique in your market it’s time to start explain it by writing some copy.

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Me finding some insights from my client’s testimonials. It’s censored for privacy…

But there’s a problem… How can you stop sounding like a robot?

How can you take a technical product and nail it down to obvious benefits everyone can understand?

Even if you talk about the right problems and benefits your website can still fail to convert.

Why? Because that’s not enough to make them understand the value of the product.

You need to explain the product using THEIR language.

To do this you need to simply find the exact terms they use to describe their problems and their ideal solution and literally use it on the page.

Use their EXACT description. No need to try to be “smart” about it.

This process is great because you’re using their language so it’s pretty objective. This means, you don’t have to go through several iterations, everything is already there!

Here are the best places to find these EXACT terms:

1) Demos/sales calls. This is the ideal scenario because you can see what questions people ask, how do they describe their problems and it’s overall the medium where you can get most of this information.

2) Testimonials. No, not any generic testimonial like “Awesome tool”, instead a longer and more complex testimonial that you can tell people put some though into. Testimonials aren’t really that long so they will usually cover the main issues they were facing and you can get from insights from that. I got a ton of insights on one of my client projects as you can see in the screenshot above (at the beginning of step 3).

3) Support questions or FAQ’s. These are often key to people’s buying process so most of the times, they have important questions here and you can use how they frame the questions and the terms they used to come up with your page.

Here’s how to turn all this crap into a Landing page to increase your SaaS conversion rates. 👇

Step #4 — Use A Proven Formula

Now, that you got all the right information you need to come up with the content of your page…

How do you organize it into the perfect SaaS Landing page?

Don’t worry, I did that for you… I spent years creating these projects and I now have a 5 step-by-step formula and I use with every client project I do!

It’s something you and I can easily follow and it will work. I know, I’ve tested it time and time again.

No need to get creative or for a ton of iterations, let’s use what is already proven to work.

Here’s a video of me breaking it down (with real examples from clients) — No email opt-ins, just value :)

Here’s Something You’ll Like

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Learn the formula I use to come up with landing pages for my clients. Here’s the video breakdown.

Now that you know the research part of this process I can show you the formula I use to turn these insights into an actual Landing page.

Breaking down each section…

Breaking down how to write the copy…

And breaking down how I designed some Landing pages from my client projects.

All of this into a condensed 5 step formula that you can watch in this video.

This video is free — No opt-ins, just me explaining how I do it.

Want Me To Explain The Product For You?

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I’ve done a lot of Landing pages, maybe I should do yours

I can explain every single step of my process but nothing replaces me doing it.

That’s why clients hire me. They want my experience, the outside perfective and the proven process.

(see if you’re a fit here)

Just think about it, what if you follow this process and …

You identify the WRONG problems?

The WRONG benefits?

Use the WRONG structure/order?

You guessed it. Your SaaS conversion rates will still suck :(

I’ve helped SaaS companies anywhere between multiple 6 and 8 figures and I’m sure I can help you too.

Want to find out how I can help? Just book a free call here.

The goals of this call?

  • To evaluate the problems you might be having with your website.

Sounds like a fit? Book a free consultation here

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Pedro Cortés

Written by

Designer/Consultant. I help SaaS startups Turn Visitors into Customers. More resources on my blog->

Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Bettie Jones, Botham Jean

Pedro Cortés

Written by

Designer/Consultant. I help SaaS startups Turn Visitors into Customers. More resources on my blog->

Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Bettie Jones, Botham Jean

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