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According to Octoverse 2017, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code tops the list of Projects with the most contributors. Which implies that there are a lot many developers who absofreakinlutely love VS Code.
Here I have a list of extensions which might not make you a better developer, but for sure would make you feel like one!

A nifty little command would get me the list of VS code extensions I already have installed

$ code --list-extensionsalefragnani.project-manager

A wise man once said : GIFs and JPEGs speak louder than words

NPM Intellisense

Git Lens

NPM Scripts

Code Runner

Trailing white spaces

"editor.trimAutoWhitespace": true,
"files.trimTrailingWhitespace": true,
Image by niichie

Auto import

Code spell checker

Console utils

Javascript Snippets

imp→ import fs from 'fs';
imn→ import 'animate.css'
imd→ import {rename} from 'fs';
ime→ import * as localAlias from 'fs';
ima→ import { rename as localRename } from 'fs';
enf→ export const log = (parameter) => {console.log(parameter);};
edf→ export default (parameter) => { console.log(parameter);};
ecl→ export default class Calculator { };
ece→ export default class Calculator extends BaseClass { };

Project manager

Comment labels

Better comments

A few more, particularly for ng fans :

Other worthy mentions which either couldn’t make it to the top 12s or were too obvious : gitlink, esLint, chrome-debug, yarn, Bracket pair Colorizer.



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