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DuckDuckGo’s Unique Features

Instant Answers

Tons of Other Embedded Answers


Is It Raining & Weather Search

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Enter or l or o — go to the highlighted result, or use it right away to go to the first result
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Enter — open a result in the background
  • d — domain search (if a result is highlighted)
  • ‘ or v — open the highlighted result in a new window/tab. Since this uses JavaScript, you need to turn off pop-up blockers first.
  • ← and → — navigate Instant Answer tabs. When an Instant Answer is open, navigate within the Instant Answer.
  • ↓ or j — next search result
  • ↑ or k — previous search result
  • / or h — go to search box
  • s — go to misspelling link (if any)
  • t — go to top
  • m — go to main results

Maps Search

Embedded Social Media Profiles

Software Search

Link Shortening and Expanding

DuckDuckGo Has Many Great Features, But…

Alternatives to DuckDuckGo

  • Search EncryptSearch Encrypt uses local encryption so your searches aren’t visible to others on your network. Its AES-256 encryption is the industry standard for encryption, and one of the most secure. It is has a number of features that set it apart from other private search engines.
  • StartPage StartPage is most popular in Europe, especially in Germany. It is a private search engine that sources its results from Google, but eliminates the tracking and storing of you data. Startpage is noticeably simpler and less feature-rich than DuckDuckGo or Search Encrypt.



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