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Ethereum mining on AWS in 5mins

Welcome Ethereum

Mining Ethereum on AWS

Setting up instance

  1. Change your zone to US East (N. Virgina) as it appears to have the cheapest price for our instance type.
  2. Proceed to AWS, under EC2 console, select Spot Requests.
  3. Select Request for Spot Instance
    Under AMI: Search for ami-84f819f9 in community AMIs
    Under Instance Type, select g2.8xlarge
  4. Click Next and launch the instance. By this step, you should see a instance coming up.

I have updated with another ami due to a plagiarized post. I hope hackernoon can do something about that.

Step 3: AMI and Instance Type selection.

Running the miner

  1. SSH into your instance
  2. Simply type the below in your instance
    `ethminer -G -F http://eth-eu.dwarfpool.com/${YOUR_ETH_ID}`

Is it worth the money?



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