Five special announcements of Google I/O’18: Google Keynote

All of we know that Google I/O 2018 keynote event is successfully happened. On that event we’ve seen many new products of Google those were just wow.

In last Google I/O 2017 we’ve seen the products in which see the wonderful contributions of AI but in this year the impact of AI has become more powerful. So,Let’s see.

1. Predicting cardiovascular risk: First of all Google AI has focused on Healthcare as most important field. Last year Google announced the work on Diagnosing Diabetic Retinopathy to help doctor for diagnosis by retina scan and deep learning. In this year we have come to know that Google AI has started to work on predicting cardiovascular risk. By same retina scan Google can predict the risk of cardiovascular like stroke or heart attack. Moreover, Google AI has started to predict medical treatments to doctors.

2.Smart Compose : Google’s product Gmail has been redesigned.They have been added a new feature called smart compose.

In smart compose when a user start to compose ML will suggest him/her with phases that he/she can compose easily.

3. Suggested actions: Suggested actions is a new feature of Google Photos in which the AI system will suggest right action to fix the contrast, brightness of the photos. Another interesting feature is if we take a photo of a document then Google will covert the document into pdf. In google photos AI makes the photos more beautiful and natural.

4. Wonderful Google Assistant : There are 6 new voices available in Google assistant. Google Assistant is now naturally conversational and visually assistive. Google assistant has introduced continued conversation and multiple actions features. Maximum small business has no good online appointment system. In this case Google Assistant has introduced New AI based appointment system.

5. Android P: Android P is the new version of Android.New features in Android P is Adaptive Battery that uses ML to predict which apps will be used in next few hours, App actions that predicts the next task of a user. Slices and ML are new API for developers.

So here is the short description of the latest cool products of Google. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

how hackers start their afternoons.

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how hackers start their afternoons.

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