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How my non-tech female cofounder built 45 CTOs for top-notch Startups!

1. You should choose your customers and not vice versa!

2. Investment is the first step of bankruptcy.

Taking investment is similar to Allopathic treatment. Once you take it, you need it again.

“Boss it’s my company, I know how to run business. Please keep your advice with yourself; we will refund your money”.

CrazyEngineer’s featured us for working 100 hours a week.

3. Culture of trust & commitment:

Parth, Shivram & Team

Raju Bhaiya -> An office boy -> Account Manager

People are not loyal to company, they are loyal to people.

4. We don’t have one CTO because we have many!

We posted “looking for top CTOs to help us building great products, probably future Google, Dropbox.”

Left : They came from Azerbaijan. Helping us in Marketing & Culture Building

You can’t move a tree by blowing at it softly once the roots spread. But you can radically change where a seed will land by doing the same.



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