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How To Become The Most Charismatic Person In The Room

They create an emotional connection.

The perception of the audience is all that matters. It doesn’t matter how many times you have practiced the speech on front of the mirror or what your colleagues think of the message. Unless you create an emotional connection with your audience, the message will fall short.

They perfect the mechanics of speech.

Speaking well is about pacing your words and ideas, being expressive with your tone at the right moments, and learning to breathe properly to have the power to deliver your message.

The speaker’s body matches his or her words.

When there is a disconnect between what someone is saying and how he or she is saying it, we automatically feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, their content is truly compelling.

Telling personal and authentic stories allows the audience to relate to the speaker. The speaker is no longer a distant voice on a far away platform; he or she is sitting right next to you, sharing his or her unique journey.



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