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How to Tame AI: A Brief Guide for Businesses

What is AI in a Narrow and a Broad Sense

  • Machine learning. ML uses statistical techniques to improve computer system performance based on various data without or with minimal human intervention. Facebook’s facial recognition is a good illustration of how it works.
  • Smart robotics. Today’s smart robots are AI systems that apply ML techniques to grasp information from the environment. They are already used in a number of industries and fulfill tasks from medical diagnostics to cooking pizzas.
  • Virtual assistance. A virtual assistant is a software agent that uses cognitive computing to offer customers 24/7 help when using websites or searching for information. Maybe, you have already had a chance to get acquainted with such virtual assistants as Amy from X.ai and IBM’s Watson.
  • Decision management. Automated decision support relies on the ability of rule-based systems to make decisions for repetitive management problems without human involvement. AI-based decision making is already used in transport management systems and online recruitment systems. One of the well-known leaders in this technology is Cypress Software Systems.
  • Speech recognition. This is the ability of computer programs to listen to human speech and understand it. Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri belong here.
  • Natural language generation. This technology is aimed at analyzing data and transforming it into human-readable text. That’s what Forbes already uses to produce company earnings reports and Environment Canada applies for weather forecasts compilation.

Implementing AI in Business: the First Steps


  • familiarizing with AI technologies;
  • deep analysis of your business with a view to introducing AI-driven solutions;
  • preliminary cost and personnel estimation;
  • data consolidation;
  • adjustment of company IT infrastructure;
  • allocating an experimental segment for the soft launch.



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