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I bet you look good on the plant floor 🕺💃

Running Kanban like it’s 1984

“Factory worker on roller skates” by Cristina Amate
Kanban card

Just in time

When to turn off the Sales department

Customers’ projects flow in a B2B startup
New projects will have to wait
Customer Success has capacity to handle the new project
Engineering doesn’t have the capacity to do work on the new project
Engineering signaling that it can’t take up more work
Feedback propagates from the next work center to the previous

Dream team switches to Kanban


Comparing Hard-working team vs Kanban Team. On the left: lead time by task, on the right: inventory over time.

Why use Kanban

“Signaling system” by Cristina Amate

Why not use Kanban


– Andrey, it’s part 3 of the series and you haven’t introduced Theory of Constraints yet?!



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