Is It Possible To Make Money From A News Website?

News websites can be highly profitable, depending on the niche. The level of competition can make things more or less difficult depending on what kind of advertisers you want to work with and whether or not they will work with you.

Steven Hansen
Apr 24, 2019 · 3 min read

All of your value is based on if your news is share-worthy, “true”, and on who your audience is.

  • Some sites live in the grey, walking the thin line between objectivity and bias that can ruin credibility in the long term.
  • Some sites live for buzz and will say or do whatever is necessary to keep traffic and clicks coming in.

There are more than a million ways to skin a cat as the saying goes, and that is truest of news websites and making money from them.

The first thing you have to do is establish what you know about your readership.

Are they conservative? If they are, you can best bet that they have family values in mind when they make purchasing decisions. This means inexpensive vacations, discount good food and recipes and more can go a long way to building a connection with not only them but also their wallet.

If your website is on the cleaner side (think non-tabloid media), you can get away with a lot more than you think.

You can monetize via branded cross-promotion, shoutouts, display ads and more.

This means you should take the time to join a few display ad networks and other networks that pay to advertise on your site.

While direct deals tend to bring more money, they can bring more headaches as well, and if you are just starting to monetize your news site, you may want to take into consideration what that means for your staff as well as your own time.

If you opt for other forms of monetization such as paid/sponsored posts, you will have to use it sparingly and carefully choose who you allow promoting.

Unlike display ads, it’s unofficial cosign of whatever product or brand is being peddled even if there is a disclaimer that says otherwise. Association can be profitable or detrimental if there is a problem down the line.

To conclude:

  1. Most have no idea how to monetize a news website.
  2. If you intend to monetize your site, figure out who you are marketing to. Identify trends and other interests they have and get as much data on them as you can. You can do this by building an email list and trying to collect lead data. With permission, that data can be quite valuable, both for growing your site as well as knowing what types of monetization will work best with them.
  3. Ads are a great way to both making a lot of money but also hurt a bit of credibility that your site has. Nothing is worse than those sites that have a thousand ads on it like its still 2000.

Monetize via ad networks that will pay for contextual links, mentions, or sponsored stories and learn from how their stuff performs. It will help when you are trying to pitch better deals once you have more experience.

Steven Hansen

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Steven Hansen is a founder of Techeries( He is a specialist within digital security, virtualization and cloud computing R&D

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