Jackpot — Should you go ALL IN?

The Story of a Cryptocurrency Done Right

Given the popularity of my last answer on CoinPoker, I’ve had many people reaching out to me to make an analysis on another gaming industry project worth looking into. So I present to you — CashBet.

CashBet is the only complete, crypto-ready, mobile-first iGaming platform with an established and profitable presence in regulated gaming markets.

By already having 5 years in business, supporting 450 games on its platform and boasting 770 % player increase and 515 % revenue growth (since 2015), CashBet sets itself apart from many of its competitors, both in its native gaming and gambling industry as well as the blockchain industry as a whole. But not only that.

CashBet has set eyes on becoming the undisputed leader in enterprise software for the crypto-casino industry.

Which makes CashBet both a B2C and B2B enterprise combined. Their platform has become a springboard for entrepreneurs from a vast range of online game operations, including real-money, social, lottery, sports betting, eSports and skill-based gaming.

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Their patented enterprise software solution enables operators to run a legal and profitable iGaming business end-to-end with game management, support, marketing, customer relationship management and data analytics — all powered by their native cryptocurrency CashBet Coin.

This is rather unique indeed. Let me explain why.

When you look at coinmarketcap.com, you will realise that the underlying strength of cryptocurrencies that dominate the top of the list is the capability of smart contracts. Even Bitcoin understands the benefit of outgrowing its single-purpose existence as a payment cryptocurrency and will support smart contracts in the future with Rootstock. Why is this the case?

There is benefit in being a diverse platform.

History shows that companies that focus on a single product or a single revenue stream have a much smaller chance of continuing past their novelty compared to conglomerates like Procter & Gamble (that boasts multiple product lines) and Disney (the only profitable movie production enterprise currently left thanks to its multiple revenue streams, like theme parks and toys).

In the case of cryptocurrencies, the capability of smart contracts is what upgrades single-use blockchains into powerful multi-purpose ecosystems. These springboards for other tokens clearly offer more value, benefit from larger networks, have a wider-reaching brand and diversify risk — even if other cryptocurrencies built on them fail, they will continue. Such cryptocurrencies have a much greater chance of success later and this is also the reason why they are valued much higher than single-purpose cryptocurrencies.

CashBet is the Ethereum of gaming, enabling other gaming operations to emerge through their patented enterprise software solution.

CashBet is an example of a cryptocurrency that understands the above logic and incorporates this into their business model — which is why I like them.

Creating such an ecosystem is time consuming and difficult. Being established and well connected in the industry is crucial for an enterprise as partnership-dependent as CashBet.

So it helps that the company has been in business in the industry for 5 years and that the co-founders have previously built their professional networks in online gaming through other successful ventures, like CyberArts (later sold to Ultimate Gaming) and US Digital Gaming.

CashBet is also officially partnered with Arsenal Football Club — the first ever partnership between a major sports team and a cryptocurrency.

A partner as powerful as Arsenal will assist CashBet Coin to become a household name to the 140 million Arsenal fans around the globe, not to mention the 3.5 billion people who watch football games and the 260 million who play football worldwide.

CashBet is also licensed in all tier 1 gambling jurisdictions by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. Without the need to get licensed separately, CashBet’s enterprise software solution makes it even easier and quicker for operators to start their very own fully legal iGaming business. Time is money, am I right?

And all of this on top of benefits of blockchain technology itself, no far less deserving a discussion than the unique aspects of CashBet’s business logic. Let’s look at them in brief as well.

Trust, transparency and speed are the core tenants of the CashBet playing experience thanks to blockchain technology.

Through Ethereum’s public blockchain, CashBet-powered casinos will give players visibility to all their information and transactions, providing assurance of a provably fair operation.

Deposits and withdrawals are assured to be safe and instant by abolishing problematic centralised processing. CashBet also promises players instant payouts for their winnings and to bring down costs, especially for micro-payments, through off-chain transactions. Check out CashBet’s iconographic yourself.

Jackpot — if we want a cryptocurrency that checks favourably on any investors’ checklist.

To recap

CashBet is a long-standing business with a lot more to show than just an MVP. It offers a complete business package to run any gaming platform immediately and it’s the only full business solution targeting cryptocurrency based gaming and gambling — even beyond FunFair.

It has been running successfully for years and already has a huge game choice, making CashBet indispensable in running them all and providing the company with multiple revenue streams. It’s also fully licensed and legal in regulated markets, provides access to secure online gaming for under-served regions and provides solutions to long standing issues of security and fairness in online gaming through what only blockchain technology can offer.

Taking all of the above into consideration, I believe CashBet is one of the best cryptocurrencies under 1$ in 2018.

CashBet Coin is currently available for purchase on KuCoin and Bittrex.

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Full disclosure: Nele Maria Palipea is an advisor for CLOAK, a privacy focused cryptocurrency from 2014. This is not investment advice nor is it an official representation of the projects mentioned. It’s an opinion piece. So please consult official sources and contact the projects for fact verification.


how hackers start their afternoons.

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how hackers start their afternoons.

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