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Marketing lessons from the world’s leading CMOs

Pick a framework, any framework

Redefine your team

Don’t think about marketing, think about growth.

Beware of shiny objects

It’s the incremental changes that end up making a big difference.

  • traffic coming to the company site
  • the site itself
  • the product

Get more mileage out of customer surveys

  • Length: non-compensated forms should be between thirty seconds and four minutes long. After four minutes, the quality of response drops significantly.
  • Format: instead of asking open ended questions, use MaxDiff. Otherwise known as “best-worst scaling”, this framing forces readers to make concrete decisions. The responses you collect can be organized by rank and magnitude. You’ll save time and protect yourself from costly false positives on customer preferences.

Drive performance with automated personalization

Put your trust in trust-based marketing

Be the best marketer you can be



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