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Marketing the Startup On Facebook: What you Need to Know

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Your Startup

#1 Video Marketing Is Coming Alive!

#2 Tap User-Generated Content



#3 Bank on Facebook Ads

#4 Begin a Discussion to Join the Conversation!

Why Market Your Startup On Facebook?

#1 600 Million Users

#2 Average Dwell Time of 55 Minutes!

#3 Average User Connection Count is 130!

#4 Average Users Like 4 Pages Per Month

#5 About 4% of the Facebook Pages Have Greater than 10K Followers

#5 Facebook Ads Cost 25 Cents Per 1000 Users!

How to Stand Out on Facebook?

How to Promote Your Product at Different Stages of Growth

Ideational Stage

Launch Stage

Where to Find the Right Connections:

Final Word



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