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Building my smart home

The mobile application and electronic circuit controlled by Raspberry Pi
  • Power on/off, control the intensity and program the house lights as well the plugs.
  • Measure the indoor and outdoor temperature to regulate it.
  • Opening the building door with voice commands via Siri.
  • Opening the home door via fingerprint and detect its closure. In addition add a button to facilitate opening from inside.
  • Notification system and historical records of all door activity
  • Installation of several security measures, to guarantee the integrity of the home.
IoT device types
On the left the module ESP8266 and on the right the Node MCU


Desktop dashboard

3D Modeling and Printing

Assembly of all the components, in red it would be other parts like the servo and the key


On the left we can see the intercom that is connected to the Raspberry Pi. And on the right the servo motor hold by the piece printed in 3D.

Electrical Circuit

Diagram of connection of the different components
  • 1x Servo Motor: Whose function is to turn the key to open and close the door.
  • 1x Power supply: 9V DC current supplied to the servo motor for proper operation.
  • 1x Magnetic Switch: Detects when the door closes and send the command to the servo to turn the key.
  • 2x Relays: One responsible for closing the intercom button and the other to power the servo only when it required.
  • 2x Transistors NPN: Solving common Raspberry Pi problem of stepping up 3.3 GPIO to 5V for power the relay.

Mobile Application

The different parts of the application.
  • Fingerprint scanner when trying to launch an action
  • Add Siri shortcut command only available for the building door
  • Notifications and alerts system


Demo prototype door engine

Technologies and libraries



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