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News — At The Edge — 1/13

The Intolerable Speech Rule: the Paradox of Tolerance for tech companies —

  1. Advocating for the removal of human rights
  2. From people based on an aspect of their identity
  3. In the context of systemic oppression primarily harming that group
  4. In a way that overall increases the danger to that groupdon’t allow them to use your products….

The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent —

Trust in Digital Technology Will Be the Internet’s Next Frontier, for 2018 and Beyond —

Eight Trends That Will Define The Digital Assistant Wars In 2018

  1. Breaking Out Of The House Amazon could try to take [Alexa]…[to] earbuds to… vehicle dashboard tie-ins….[Apple] Airpods in the works, and Google…Pixel Buds [and]…both already have automotive solutions….
  2. The Battle For The Office.[Amazon] plans to put an Echo on every office desk…[for] video conferencing, create their own private voice skills, and manage the Alexa commands that employees can use…[with] ties into enterprise services…Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce, and SAP Concur….[Google] Assistant for a business environment….
  3. Another Chance For Third-Party Hardware …. Dedicated speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home provide better sound quality, often cost less, and are more versatile….
  4. The Smart Display Wars Get Real….Amazon got a head start….[Google] YouTube and Google Photos integration [coming]…[Both] need to develop clear reasons to buy a connected display, or find a way to bring prices down.
  5. Time To Monetize….[2018] Amazon broadly rolls out Alexa purchases and subscriptions. Expect… similar from Google Assistant…[Problem] with third-party voice skills is that people have trouble discovering and remembering to use them. Monetization schemes won’t solve the problem directly, but…could compel developers to make better skills that people want to use more….
  6. One Device, Many Assistants?….Because each digital assistant has its own unique strengths (like Alexa for shopping, and Google Assistant for general internet queries), the best smart speakers could be the ones that let you choose….
  7. New Competitors Abound…. Apple plans to launch …HomePod speaker… [Facebook] developing a 15-inch smart screen similar to…Amazon’s Echo Show. Samsung may also launch a smart speaker…. By focusing on a core competency… might have a chance…in a crowded field….
  8. Real Intelligence….[Google’s] support multiple actions from a single voice command was something of an a-ha moment for digital assistants…[because] you should be able to ask for two things at once… [for] much better the experience… Expect to see a lot more.” https://www.fastcompany.com/40512062/eight-trends-that-will-define-the-digital-assistant-wars-in-2018

Digital assistants —

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