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One Moment Stopped Technology Ruining my Life

  1. Firstly it fills me with admiration for being able to simplify mundane decisions to ensure unilateral thinking is focused on creative endeavours.
  2. Secondly, and more importantly, it fascinates me because his method of serving more than 1 billion people is perhaps the silliest and frivolous service in the history of mankind. I challenge you to find a more time-sapping endeavour.


  1. Only checking emails once per day. Some of you may question how this is possible or believe it would force me to miss important messages throughout the day. In truth, it made me far more productive. It allowed me to focus on the task at hand more clearly and if anything did come up I started receiving phone calls which allowed me to tackle the problem quicker, easier and without the need for additional emails.
  2. I stopped sending as many emails. It sounds simple because it is, but I was able to drastically reduce my emails received on a daily basis by as much as 40%. No more emails to emails that didn’t require a reply. No more emails to people I could phone and get an answer from in ten seconds. The freedom gained is truly invigorating.

Smart Phones

For me it boils down to one question: Would you rather see what an old acquaintance from school had for dinner or would you rather create memories with the people you hold most dear?



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