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Only 10% of Startups Will Exist By The Year 2022. Are You Going To Be One Of Them?

Shyp: A Company That Once Raised A Total Of $62 Million In Funding

Credit: wearecoordinate.com

What Went Wrong?

“Everything Begins With An Idea.”

What Do We Need To Learn From This?

  1. On-demand technologies now don’t attract customers be it a grocery, automobile, or maintenance service
  2. Everything is already available if you are choosing an on-demand model
  3. You need a long-term strategy to run a business
  4. You need to evaluate customers’ needs often
  5. Only fundraising can’t make your startup successful
  6. Sustainable ideas make sense rather than copying and pasting

Behavioral, cultural, and interpersonal issues are among the biggest killers of startups, but they are seldom discussed in public.

Tapzo is acquired by Amazon Pay investing around $40 million

How You Select Your Technology Partner? Do They Help Validating Your Idea? Do They Help In Ideation?

  • Discuss your idea
  • Validate and define
  • Prototyping and risk analysis
  • Design and development
  • Quality assurance and testing at every level
  • End-to-end support for product launch
  • Maintenance and feedback



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