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Project Datum’s DAT Token: How’s it Flowin’?

Tokenize Your Anonymous Data

A Gargantuan Stockpile

Screenshot taken August 30, 2018. I fully guarantee a different price by the time you see this

What CoinMarketCap doesn’t tell you is that the overall DAT token supply will decrease over time. Tokens exchanged for network privileges will be eliminated.

Current Exchanges

  1. Discover token
  2. Research token
  3. Decide to fill bag with tokens
  4. Hope token is available on an exchange you already have an account with

AEX Airswap CEX CoinW Coss.io EasyTrade EtherDelta ForkDelta Huobi iDEX Joyso KuCoin Lykke OKEx

Earning DAT Tokens

Storage Nodes

Yes, Sensei

  • Budgeting
  • Creating a Treasury System
  • Enabling Instant Transactions
  • Enhancing Transactional Privacy
  • Participation in Governance & Voting

Spending DAT Tokens

The Ad Connection

Final thoughts…


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