ROS + OpenCV robot kit for Makers

Jan 21, 2018 · 2 min read

We are super excited to announce the availability of the 2nd generation ROSbots ROS + OpenCV robot kit for makers.

ROSbots version 2.0

This new version 2.0 kit — available here for purchase— improves upon version 1.0 in a number of ways.

Version 2.0 has:

  1. A dedicated Arduino-compatible UNO micro-controller with hardware PWM output and ADC input capabilities.
  2. Two lithium battery charge/step-up controller boards — one for the motors and sensors and the other dedicated for the Raspberry Pi.
  3. A Raspberry Pi camera and a camera mount.
  4. Has a motor gearbox with higher ratios which means higher torque.

Item 1 enables a much speedier motor response and more accurate acquisition of sensor data. Yes — the Arduino UNO runs ROS. We’ll show you how in an upcoming post!

Item 2 obviates the need to change batteries. As a matter of fact, since the charger can charge and discharge at the same time, our ROSbots robot is entirely capable of autonomously charging itself (once we write the software to do so)!

Item 3 enables us to mess with ROS+OpenCV Computer Vision applications right out of the box.

Item 4 enables the robot to move easier over rough surface such as carpet. We don’t move as fast as before but make up for it with more responsive control.

To keep your overall cost down, like with version 1.0, in addition to the ROSbots kit, you still need to purchase additional parts. We didn’t want to charge you extra as a useless middle man. The links to purchase those extra parts off Amazon (with Prime shipping) are listed clearly in the ROSbots purchase page.

We are working hard to polish up the ROS and OpenCV software for the ROSbots version 2.0 kit. By the time the kit ships to you, we will have the software stack published and ready to go.

The ROSbots software stack is open source and hosted on Github. Please “star” and/or follow our Github repo project. As a matter of fact, we welcome you to collaborate with us on evolving the ROS + OpenCV system that runs on a ROSbots robot.

We also have a Raspbian Stretch Lite image with ROS and OpenCV installed for the community to download and use with the Raspberry Pi with or without a ROSbots kit.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

You can purchase the new 2nd generation ROSbots kit here.

Jack “ROSbots Maker”

PS — help us spread the word about ROSbots by following us on Instagram and/or Facebook.

how hackers start their afternoons.


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ROS + OpenCV Raspberry Pi Robot for Makers —

how hackers start their afternoons.

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