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Oct 25 · 4 min read
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and now: october’s most read on hacker noon

✳️ The ICO Bubble Explained in Three Moments by @hosseeb

✳️ How to unwrap wine labels programmatically by @nepherhotep

✳️ Demystifying AWS Pricing APIs & its Cryptic codes by @Dhruv.Desai

✳️ Type Checking In JavaScript: Getting Started with Flow. by @jihdeh

✳️ 4 Tips for a great first meeting with an investor by @hosseeb

✳️ Beginner Bites: ES6 features you need to know by @spyr1014

✳️ Frontend Performance Check-list For Production by @yjose

✳️ Making Atom (even more) awesome — My Setup. by @ChrisChinchilla

✳️ Wrong Ways of Defining Service Boundaries by @wrong.about

✳️ Troubleshooting when Android Studio doesn’t recognize your device by @pubudud

✳️ The fall of Public Key Pinning and rise of Certificate Transparency by @mattrco

✳️ How to Not Destroy Millions in Smart Contracts (Pt.2) by @OmerGoldberg

✳️ WearOS pitfalls by @drodil

✳️ Help! My Azure Site Performance Sucks! — Part 1 by @bryan_soltis

✳️ The Top Hacks of a Certified Genius: Claude Shannon at Play by @rizstanford

✳️ Deploy a Next.js Tour Diary App in 3 Steps by @carsoncgibbons

✳️ Elon Musk Probably Invented Bitcoin by @sahil50

✳️ Why Choosing a Strategic Partner Is Your Best Bet for Digital Transformation Success by @rgujrati

✳️ Train your deep model faster and sharper — two novel techniques by @harshsayshi

✳️ How to critique your own UX Portfolio by @sarahdoody

✳️ Reduce your Crypto portfolio’s risk exposure with one simple trick — Fiat as an asset by @iliyazaki

✳️ Why we rewrote Lua in JS by @giann

✳️ Thesis-driven early-stage Investing by @jmbachmann

✳️ Create your first Arduino + Node.js IoT Visualization App in under 15 minutes by @narendrakamath

✳️ Junior developers guide to galaxy by @drodil

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hacker noon tech

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how hackers start their afternoons.

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