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Oct 25 · 4 min read
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and now: october’s most read on hacker noon

✳️ The ICO Bubble Explained in Three Moments by @hosseeb

The technologies that enable bubbles are always new, but the underlying social dynamics are not. The open and permissionless nature of blockchains allows anyone to co-opt them. Thus, blockchains enabled multiple social forces, all interacting in the same network, all reified under the name “the ICO bubble.”

✳️ How to unwrap wine labels programmatically by @nepherhotep

✳️ Demystifying AWS Pricing APIs & its Cryptic codes by @Dhruv.Desai

✳️ Type Checking In JavaScript: Getting Started with Flow. by @jihdeh

✳️ 4 Tips for a great first meeting with an investor by @hosseeb

Honestly assessing what you do and don’t know shows humility and maturity.

✳️ Beginner Bites: ES6 features you need to know by @spyr1014

✳️ Frontend Performance Check-list For Production by @yjose

✳️ Making Atom (even more) awesome — My Setup. by @ChrisChinchilla

✳️ Wrong Ways of Defining Service Boundaries by @wrong.about

In the last post I wrote that to beat complexity you need to split the monolith. In this post I’ll describe the wrong ways of doing this. I can go even further and call the following ways an anti-patterns of monolith splitting, or anti-patterns of service boundaries defining.

✳️ Troubleshooting when Android Studio doesn’t recognize your device by @pubudud

✳️ The fall of Public Key Pinning and rise of Certificate Transparency by @mattrco

On Friday, Chris Palmer announced the intent to deprecate HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) in Chrome and remove the feature entirely in future. In this post, we’ll look at the problems with public key pinning, and how Certificate Transparency has become the more favoured method of avoiding maliciously issued certificates.

✳️ How to Not Destroy Millions in Smart Contracts (Pt.2) by @OmerGoldberg

✳️ WearOS pitfalls by @drodil

At the time of writing there are around 40 different models that run WearOS on the market. I got my first of those models, Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro, just a week ago.

✳️ Help! My Azure Site Performance Sucks! — Part 1 by @bryan_soltis

✳️ The Top Hacks of a Certified Genius: Claude Shannon at Play by @rizstanford

“I think the history of science has shown that valuable consequences often proliferate from simple curiosity.” — Claude Shannon

✳️ Deploy a Next.js Tour Diary App in 3 Steps by @carsoncgibbons

✳️ Elon Musk Probably Invented Bitcoin by @sahil50

Is Elon capable of inventing Bitcoin? Probably.

✳️ Why Choosing a Strategic Partner Is Your Best Bet for Digital Transformation Success by @rgujrati

✳️ Train your deep model faster and sharper — two novel techniques by @harshsayshi

✳️ How to critique your own UX Portfolio by @sarahdoody

✳️ Reduce your Crypto portfolio’s risk exposure with one simple trick — Fiat as an asset by @iliyazaki

The strategy listed below is geared towards first, reducing losses during a bear market. Next, realising returns during a bull market and lastly, ensuring long term survival in the market.

✳️ Why we rewrote Lua in JS by @giann

✳️ Thesis-driven early-stage Investing by @jmbachmann

There is some confusion as to what a “thesis-driven approach” even describes in venture investing. While Wikipedia helps us in defining the term as “a concept or idea that can be falsified by various (scientific) methods“, the application of this process may take two forms in venture.

✳️ Create your first Arduino + Node.js IoT Visualization App in under 15 minutes by @narendrakamath

✳️ Junior developers guide to galaxy by @drodil

Starting software development may seem too hard and cumbersome task for many. Actually you only need a computer and a heck lot of interest in software development to get started.

back to the internet,

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hacker noon tech

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how hackers start their afternoons.

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