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The Best ERP System, Is It Really Best? Or There Is No Such Thing As “The Best ERP”

Most of the small and big enterprise owners search for, ‘Which is the Best ERP system?’ without considering the business type, a way of working, industrial domain, requirements, and budget.



Let’s discuss this matter from the basics:

Why Businesses Need An ERP System?

In the fast-moving business world, taking an informed decision is necessary!

Businesses prefer to implement an ERP system to:

However, using this as an opportunity, most of the software vendors develop and market their software stating it as the Best or Ideal ERP Software.

They claim that their ERP works for every business type and industry segments regardless of their business processes and workflow.

But, Is That Really Feasible?

Industry needs vary wildly with the size and nature of the company, budget, existing systems and processes.

For instance: — The ERP serving the retail industry may fail to serve the purpose of manufacturing industry or vice-versa

Does “The Best ERP” Can Actually Turn Out To Be The Best?

Every business has its own requirements, its niche, and its specialty, so how your business needs can fit in pre-packaged software?

Although ERP software vendors include mobility, SaaS, analytics, cloud and other practices as per the growing trends, it is not appropriate for every type of business.

The Standard ERP System May Have Certain Limitations Like:

So, How To Choose The Right ERP Solution For Your Business?

Choosing the ERP software is just not simply about comparing features offered by vendors but it is all about how ERP software features meet your business needs.

You Need to Consider Certain Questions Before Choosing The ERP Solution.

These are some of the key considerations which can help you to make the informed decision about the ERP solution.

Well, to make the most of the ERP solution, how about choosing the customized ERP software that can cater to all your unique needs as per your business type, size and requirements?

Custom ERP: A Tailor-Made ERP Developed To Serve You

Custom ERP software is developed from your unique business requirements. With Custom ERP Solution, you can decide what functionalities to be included. It is developed by considering all the attributes of the organizational flows, management, strategies, and operations. It automates & streamlines business functions and ultimately improves business productivity.

Build It; Don’t Buy It: Approach Taken By Tesla

Tesla carefully evaluated the pros and cons and decided to choose a custom ERP solution. Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan calculated the cost of SAP implementation in millions of dollars and time to perform all the required integrations.

After choosing the custom-built ERP, the company could achieve the same functionality within 4 months and limited budget. They chose a third-party vendor who can customize the ERP system to rationalize their business processes.

For more information, you can read the article published by the Wall Street Journal.

Advantages Of Custom ERP System

The Best ERP Is Overrated

The better approach of choosing an ERP is to consider the nature of the business and to look for the requirements that suit your business the best. Every business is different, and so, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution! Custom ERP can streamline every aspect of the organization and ensures an efficient and reliable workflow.

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