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The Hard Truth About Original Content

  • Amazon commoditized products.
  • Facebook commoditized friends.
  • Google commoditized information.

In a world of abundance, how can you compete?

Source: Pressat.co.uk

Rethink different

  • Airbnb created the short term travel market
  • Uber created the ridesharing market
  • Netflix created the on-demand binge

How to standout

We are a species evolved in an era of scarcity. When granted abundance, most simply increase their expectations of quality and originality — hence Netflix.


Netflix vs you

Content is king?



  1. This American Life — first series of entertaining, everyday journalism at an NPR level, including a podcast (kicked off the podcasting moment and wave of copycats)
  2. Spider-Man (2002) — first superhero movie where hero felt human/had weaknesses (ignited modern superhero/Marvel heyday)
  3. Snow White (1937) — first animated feature length film — kicked off Disney’s empire
  4. Westworld (1973) — first use of 2D computer animation in a significant entertainment feature film
  5. Playboy Magazine (1955) — first porn/adult magazine, featured Marilyn Monroe — we know how that turned out

Closing thoughts

“Be original, copies fade too fast”

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