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The Influencer’s Dilemma

$5 fame, fake faces, and fyre festivals.

Wanna hear a secret?

Social 2.0

At Drake’s house, Vanessa must settle for a picture with his cutout “for the gram”.

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” — Groucho Marx

Virtual content with real-world consequences

The Internet of Fakes

Clickfarms. Automated phone activity

Robin Hood Experiment

1k likes in 20 seconds (9 sec sped up). Not too bad

You don’t need to pay.

Wolf groups. Seems pretty simple

You don’t need to identify yourself.

You can’t really tell

Justin Sun’s loyal following

Tools of the Trade


Blue or red pill?



You’re probably wrong…see more here

We crave social scarcity

“If it were so easy, it wouldn’t be worth anything. Value is tied to scarcity, and scarcity on social networks derives from proof of work. Status isn’t worth much if there’s no skill and effort required to mine it.”

The Influencer’s Dilemma

Why don’t companies do something?

This is because tech giants survive off data: to convince users to give them free data (restaurant reviews, service ratings, location pins), they need to make inputing data as easy as possible. This comes at the expense of security.



Perfect misbehavior

Expected volume = volume measured, Reported volume = volume reported by exchange

Conclusion: Shhh…

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Blockchain at Columbia



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