The Product/Data Fit Strategy

How to build better cars instead of drilling for more oil

Daniel Shenfeld
Jan 8 · 9 min read
Data strategy is about building better cars, not accumulating more oil. Images: Zbynek Burival, Chris Barbalis

When was the last time you bought crude oil?

Machine Learning and AI are the new combustion engine

Machine learning and AI are the new combustion engine, and data products are the new cars.

Value chain for a data product. Icons by Ale Estrada, Ayub Irawan, BomSymbols, Hadi Davodpour for the Noun Project

Product/Data Fit: Data strategy for data products

Data strategy is about building better cars

The point of data strategy is to build better cars with more efficient engines, not to accumulate more crude oil.

Match the engine to your data

Data is subject to the law of diminishing returns…

… as are machine learning and AI

Sample images from MNIST dataset. Source:

Ask more valuable questions

Achieving product/data fit

Bottom Line

how hackers start their afternoons.

Thanks to Stephanie Wissig

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how hackers start their afternoons.

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