The Secrets of Copywriting: How to write focused on conversion and optimize your sales

How To Write Effective Copywriting.

Luis Vinicius
Oct 18, 2017 · 3 min read

Effective Copywriting, in general, can consist of up to basic features. Are they:

  • Immediacy;
  • Connection;
  • Specificity;
  • Transformation;
  • Call-to-action;

The combination of some or all of these elements, as long as it is not forced and makes sense in the general context, can be the key to success.


The first feature of an irresistible Copy is the sense of immediacy.

One of the worst sensations for the human being is the impossibility of choosing.

Key words and terms to bring the sense of immediacy to your Copy:

  • Find out
  • Instantly
  • Save
  • Magical
  • In This Exact Moment
  • Most Important

Find out now the shocking truth about …
Click here now and Instantly save …


The objective is approach you and the visitor, making him feel able to achieve a certain goal.

Key words and terms to bring the sense of connection to your Copy:

  • You (Simplest and most effective);
  • Common people;
  • Step by step;
  • Starting from scratch;

You will discover the ideal technique for…
Discover the #1 secrete that people use…


Transform your call into something specific, either by setting a deadline or the number of steps to reach a particular goal.

Key words and terms to bring the sense of specificity to your Copy:

  • In X Days;
  • In X Weeks;
  • X Infallible Tips;
  • X Essential Factors.

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Every result will be a reflection of the actions of those who acquire a product of their own.

However, you need to make it clear that if a person follows their directions, the promised transformation will be achieved.

Key words and terms to bring the sense of transformation to your Copy:

  • XXX make money with your blog
  • XXX to change your life radically in 10 days

Discover now how to make money with blog!
3 simple steps to change your life radically in 10 days or less!


What exactly do you want your visitor to do? Make it very clear to him.

You can be in this post through an invitation you saw in a banner on some blog, an email marketing …

People not only like it, but also need to be called in to take action. Maybe you clicked, maybe not.

The CopyWrite (text) of some call-to-action can attract you to do some action.

Key words and terms to bring the sense of calls-to-action to your Copy:

  • Click and Sign Up;
  • Click To Continue;
  • Watch the Video Now;
  • Start now;
  • Register and Discover;
  • I want to see now.

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Getting content in an engaging way, which generates interest, sharpens curiosity and presents the subject to the visitor, already guarantees much of the success of Copywriting.

Keep in mind: no one buys a product by its technical specifications, but by what it can generate of value. So leave the benefits clear to your customer.

You need to prove that your product really works. For this you need to show your results using the product, method or service you are selling.

The Call-to-Action

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Questions, feedbacks, are welcome!

This is all folks!

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how hackers start their afternoons.

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