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The Story of a Public, Cooperative Mathathon

A hexagonal-centered toroidal 1.053-bounded regular tetrahedral simplex chain, discovered at the Mathathon by Nathan Gilbert.
The author’s research Tetrobot
Control panel of the 2D Playground
Sanchi’s tiling snippet tiles the whole plane via successively larger hexagons
A parametrically-generated sinusoidal arch constructed only of perfect regular tetrahedra
A Circular arch as seen from the ground, generated parametrically
David’s original 2D parametric Sine Wave (A form of a truss.)
Any periodic face-to-face stacking generates a helix, here is a gentle one.
A “Tight” parametric cone build from perfectly regular tetrahedra
A tight, squarish vase-like container
A nearly (but not quite) “flat sawtooth” structure made of perfectly regular tetrahedra
Spiral generated by the snippet of JavaScript above.
An interesting variation on the Spiral with regularly occuring “gaps”.
A Triangular-centered (thought highly irregular) tetrahedral simplex chain.
A square-centered tetrahedral torus
A pentagonal tetrahedral torus (1.2-bounded)



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