The Web 3.0: The Web Transition Is Coming

Aashish Sharma
Aug 26, 2018 · 9 min read

Transitioning from web 2.0 to the 3.0 version is going to likely go unnoticed by most people. The applications are going to look almost exactly like what you are currently using, but the change will be on the back-end. If you are a betting man you will want to consider Siacoin for Cloud, Steemit as a platform for social media, and even Augur as the way to check out future betting events.

Once you start to see the release of the first blockchain item that works right, you will likely see people leaving 2.0 and going to the 3.0. That is because the developers will have technology and user friendly tech of web 2.0, but they will have the start of the 3.0 which is supposed to be even easier.

In this segment here we are going to look at different companies and segments of web 2.0 and let you know which of the projects from blockchain are going to chance this and lead the evolution to web 3.0.

The payment methods that people are using currently usually go through credit card companies, the bank, or even PayPal. these are going to be the places that are responsible for getting the money and making sure it is moved properly, but also keep any theft from happening in the transaction.

With all this type of work the organizations often have a lot of cost. This type of cost and security that is required is what has kept the fees so high for these companies you are going to be using.

According to David Sessford of Ready Steady Sell with the emergence of cryptocurrency you will notice that a lot of the security concerns are going to vanish and the cost of doing a transaction will be quite a bit lower. Some of the currencies that are currently being used around the world include Zcash, Monero, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. All that the users have to get is access to the Internet and a device to keep the wallet on. If you are selling products then you just need to get a company like Bitpay to integrate the crypto currency into your payment system.

Since this is going to be a smooth transition, though, you will notice that it will happen without even using the crypto currency. This means you will still be able to use the methods that you are used to, rather than trading on the crypto exchanges that have been all over the place recently on the value of the coins.

You will find that Stellar Lumens is a company that is dedicated to disrupting the payment methods by connecting all the systems together from the banks, the users, and even the payment systems. This is going to allow for faster transactions around the globe. This does not have to be done in crypto even, but can be done in any type of currency. When you are using Stellar Lumens you will not even realize that you are using a cryptocurrency to get the work done because the transactions are run on the backend of the currency.

The Request Network is another one that is seen as a major competitor for PayPal. This is a platform that will let you to make payment request from anyone at any time. When you are making payments here they are done using blockchain, which is going to remove the third party, but still get paid in full securely.

What is even better is the guys at Request Network know that people do not want to deal with cryptocurrency yet, and since this is the case they have implemented different programs to make the request easier for people with any currency. Since they are using the blockchain technology, though, the network has a major advantage in the fact that they can do the transactions for a significantly lower fee.

Most of the people are going to continue to use social media, but even then we all see it has some serious flaws in the way it works. Some of those include Facebook scandals, the mechanisms that are used to make you see what Instagram or Twitter wants you to see, but also the way the advertising is done is flawed.

The main issue that you have to deal with here is how the information you have on these sites can be used against you and easily invade your privacy. For instance you do not want to have your friends going through your browser history, but the social media sites do this by scanning your cookies and then will make a profile based on your history and then sells it.

And while the cats are cute we want to use the phone to entertain us and keep us in contact with friends we normally would not hear from. So we cannot bring ourselves to leave social media because of this.

Steemit is going to be the solution with its blockchain technology that is leading the way in social media development to web 3.0. This platform is one that has its own model that the creators of the content are curated by a group of peers. When the content gets upvoted by having good quality, it is going to cause a microtransaction of Steem, which is the currency that is used here.

This is a platform that does not have ads and does not even store information on users, but does not censor the information that is posted and if you are active you even get rewarded with cryptocurrency. Steemit is the leader with this technology, but you can even find DTube, which is the YouTube alternative based off of blockchain.

The downside is Steemit has been so successful it is starting to draw a lot of competition. One competitor you will find is Narrative which is a beautifully designed website. This is one that is going to be similar to Steemit, but the governance is done by the users who create topic niches. Narrative has also decided to have part of its site to brands, which are able to spread themselves out on the platform by getting quality content out in front of people.

You can also find Sapaien, which is a news platform; an alternative to LinkedIn called Indorse, and even ONG.Social which is a great program that is social and focuses quite a bit on the privacy of people.

Often we are going to find that we are going to find different companies that are a great alternative to our normal entertainment and we often turn to Netflix and YouTube for this. The worst part is these companies have really taken the market control and this does not leave much room for competition. This allows people to create a lot of content, which the companies then collect and sell the data.

Often the users are going to publish the content on these platforms and hope they can make it big, but often do not make anything back for what they create. You will also see people have started to question the different censorship that YouTube is doing, how it changed its payment plan, and even how much Spotify pays to the musicians that are posting songs on the network.

You will find that a lot of blockchain programs are ready to disrupt this as well. The music industry has really seen a lot of bad deals hurt people and are really looking to take the lead to change this issue. Imogen Heap, a musician, has started her own project based off of blockchain called Mycelia which is meant to give the musicians and the creators of the music a fair price for the music they have made. You will also notice that you have Voise which is a great platform that is decentralized and very easy for the artists to reach their fans.

Flixxo is a company that is using Ethereum to try to dethrone YouTube, but you have Dtube as well from Steem. You will also see that another candidate to take down YouTube is Videocoin, which is a startup that managed to gain a lot of traction with a 35 million dollar ICO period.

If you are looking for storage solutions you will notice that you have Storage Cloud as a great solution. This is where you will find that you can store files and hardware easily for a cheap cost, but also access these from anywhere in the world.

The problem with cloud storage is all the information is going to be stored in a centralized location that people can have access to. This is the single point of problem because no matter how secure the cloud is only one company has it. This could easily lead to a compromise in the one company and when this happens you could easily have all of your data exposed to everyone.

Since that is the case, it is time to decentralize storage as well. This is where you will find Siacoin stepping up as the biggest company here. This is a company that allows people who have extra storage to rent it out for payments in the form of cryptocurrency. This is a company that could easily have some serious growth in the future because it is already cheaper than Google or Amazon.

You will see another startup as well called Filecoin. This is a company that had a huge ICO and was one of the largest in history making 257 million. This is a company with a decentralized network that keeps the files stored, but at competitive prices. You will find that Storj has also thrown their hat into the ring as well with a great plan that is low on the price, but high in security with only the user getting into the data.

The online advertisement model that is currently being used is not working right. Often you can see this just by visiting some of the companies that are advertising on the site like YouTube and Facebook. When you are running a website you know it is a big business and often when you ask people to subscribe you end up losing people rather quickly. Often the best way to make money is letting ads be shown on your site and the more traffic the more income you get from the ads.

The downside is most of the time people ignore the ads. When the people are not viewing the ads it is bad enough, but some people even have adblockers that keep the ads from showing up. Even Google, which makes the most money from the ads has an extension on the Chrome browser to block ads.

The changes that can happen is not the contribution of people clicking on the ads that are shown, but getting profitable based off of the contributions of the visitors. You will see that several blockchain companies are working on this. One of the biggest that is going on is Basic Attention Token. This is a company that has made the point of connecting the content creators, to the advertisers, and then the consumers without any major company acting in the middle.

You will notice that the company even has its own browser called Brave. This browers is one which the users are able to pay small transactions to the creators of the content they liked and the advertisers then pay the consumer for the attention. This is all done without anyone knowing about it.

You will also notice that you have Oyster Pearls which is another online advertisement model. This is a company that has an engine in the works that allows content consumers to contribute to the websites they love for the GPU and CPU which helps make the websites less dependent on ads. This is also going to allow the websites and the creators of the content to be stored on a decentralized platform, which is cheaper and even more secure.

You will find a large project called Substratum that is being worked on for running the Internet. This platform will allow people to contribute computing resources to a decentralized web, which will not have any type of censor or control in place by an organization.

You will find that the users are going to be paid with a crypto currency for helping t keep the Substratum running. You will notice that you can find the hosted content in the regular browser without anything interfering with what people are going to see. Just think what this can do for people who are oppressed by their government.

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Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Bettie Jones, Botham Jean

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