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The One Thing All Entrepreneurial People Have In Common

Do we really have to suffer?

Entrepreneurial people of any kind drive change. Change often involves traveling uncharted territories, challenging conventional paths, and ignoring the traditional need for safety and comfort. This inherently invokes pain, suffering, and disappointments. Accepting and growing through our pain is part of growth.

Suffering today for a better tomorrow?

A study from the UK-based business group Approved Index explored the rate of entrepreneurship on a global scale by calculating the percentage of the population that owns or co-owns a business in each nation. The study returned some pretty astounding results.

“To exist is to suffer. There cannot be existence without suffering.”

To live is to experience physical and psychological suffering, and to strive to overcome these things. It is indisputable that we have to eat from the sweat of our brows; we have to work for what we get; we have to deserve what we want. This inherently demands effort and sacrifice. We suffer because of our desire to go beyond what we are today. In that context suffering is the step towards entrepreneurial growth which can initiate a positive force from a negative situation.



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