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How-To: Vim Functionality with Sublime Looks

Vim after customizations running in iTerm2 (top), Sublime Text 3 (bottom)

This is my rc file. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me, my rc file is useless. Without my rc file, I am useless.

Adding Monokai Color Theme

  1. Grab the vim-monokai theme from GitHub, available here.
  2. Inside the repo’s /colors folder you should see monokai.vim
  3. copy monokai.vim to ~/.vim/colors/

Installing Powerline with pip

Putting it All Together with .vimrc

  • syntax on -Enable syntax highlighting based on the file format
  • colorscheme monokai -Use the Monokai theme we copied over earlier
  • set number -Show line number gutter on the left
  • set incsearch -[optional] Show matches while searching
  • set hlsearch -[optional] Search highlighting
  • lines 8 through 10 get us up and running with Powerline in Vim
  • set laststatus=2 -Keep our status bar visible and properly positioned

A Final Note on Fonts

Change Font found under Profiles -> [ default profile] ->Text for iTerm2



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