VR Party in a Decentralised Reality

Oct 21, 2017 · 3 min read

(Part I of II — read here about the second VR Party)

You slip on your VR gloves and gear, flick a switch that floats in the air, and your virtual penthouse snaps into view, overlooking a sprawling metropolis where hover cars speed one after another several floors below you, and intercity flight capsules whiz by overhead.

You have a date tonight at a themed party in about an hour. Lots of time to get there. You step through the automatic doors onto your penthouse patio, open the gate, and step out into the air. Anti-grav shoes are expensive, but worth it.

With a hand motion, the wind whips through your hair as you plummet towards the sidewalk below. Spreading your palms to face the ground you slow and gently land beside a small pond and fountain. Strange creatures swim and fight with each other in it. They probably have names, but you’ve never bothered to search the VR entity index for them.

You begin the short walk down the street towards the nightclub that you built last year. It’s been quite profitable and you’ve had no shortage of customers.

“Alice,” you call up your AI assistant.

“Yes,” Alice replies.

“Show me how I look today.”

“Certainly.” A transparent hologram of you walking down the street appears in front of you and begins to rotate like a 360 degree mirror. You chuckle and cross your arms thinking about it and the hologram does the same.

“Oh, that’s right. I swapped on my minotaur skin for that ICO party. Alice, show me some of my better suits of armour.”

“Three of your better suits of armour are quite damaged. These two are in pristine condition,” Alice informs you as the hologram dissolves and is replaced with two suits of armour. “I’d recommend this one,” Alice says as one is highlighted with a light, pulsating glow. “The other suit is based off of a 14th century Italian design, which doesn’t fit the party’s theme, Arthurian Legends. The other suit is more appropriate.”

“Hm. I guess. Swap that on for me Alice.”

You continue walking down the street and see ahead a 3 space marines and a 12' tall daemon prince. “That skin must have cost a bit,” you think to yourself. Space marine skins are common stock, but the daemon prince skin must be a custom design. “Nice axe!” You nod your head towards the bloody dripping blade in his hands. The daemon prince nods back and thanks you for the compliment.

A soft bell alerts you that you have an encrypted message from Alice, your account AI. You cup your hand and swipe your other palm against it to unlock the message. Reading a mini-holodisplay in your cupped hand, “SMART CONTRACT UPDATE: Fortress99 has canceled as the opening act for tonight, so the house AI DJ will replace them. Partial smart contract execution of non-fulfillment of duties has returned their payment in full, and also executed against ticket holders, refunding them 25% of their purchase price. Full details are available at address C6ehi88aeransfco9d7eQyRrorULEsMVcR.”

“Hm,” you mumble. “You win some, you lose some. I hope nothing bad happened. They’ve always been reliable before.” Taking a deep breath, you detect smoke and burning.

“Dammit,” you scream, ripping off your VR gloves and visor as you run into the kitchen and open the oven. Wafting the smoke aside, the pizza doesn’t look too black. It should be edible with some extra hot sauce.

Chimaera: https://chimaera.io/
Token sale: https://chimaera.io/token/
White paper: https://chimaera.io/downloads/Chimaera_White_Paper.pdf


how hackers start their afternoons.


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how hackers start their afternoons.

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