David Gilbertson
Apr 8, 2017 · 2 min read

We have no evidence that people actually change the browser text size. But we do have some facts. I’m quite curious, tell me where you disagree:

  • We know for sure that changing browser text size has no effect on facebook, youtube, amazon, twitter, medium, linkedIn, eBay, and a lot more (it should, maybe, but it doesn’t).
  • So, we know for a fact that if someone can’t read 16px text, and want to use one of those sites, they must use some other method.
  • We also know that changing browser text size has no effect on the rest of the operating system, obviously.
  • So again, we can deduce that if a user can’t read 16px text but wants to be able to read Excel menus, mail, system settings, finder/explorer, whatever else, they need to do that in some other way.

So to you, I guess, you may still think that hey, maybe, someone still does use browser text adjustments, and that the right thing to do is make sure your site works with that.

But the above facts, to me, make it crystal clear that browser text size adjustments is of no use in the real world, and that no one can be relying on it.

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how hackers start their afternoons.

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    how hackers start their afternoons.

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