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What else other than Bitcoin can a Blockchain do? Think solar energy.

SolarCoin: A digital asset to initiate the energy transition worldwide, by François Sonnet, ElectriCChain

Right — but what about solar?

Recently, the Brussels-based European Solar Association, SolarPowerEurope, set up a Digital Task Force for studying digitalisation and applications to the solar energy industry. A striking tool which is to be used soon is that of such peer-to-peer energy trading platforms enabling for energy billing and exchanging for prosumers: the consumers who are involved with designing or customising products to their own needs.

Okay — so I’m feeding the grid… what happens when everybody gets sunshine at the same time?

Expect energy prices to drop, it’s logic… and this is where the SolarCoin digital asset comes into perspective.

Right — but where do we stand now with solar power?

Well, as it appears, some 300GWp of solar capacity have been installed in the past 20 years…

So… you’re telling me that a new blockchain-based global Feed-in-Tariff could be set forth with SolarCoin?


Francois Sonnet

Solar Energy Blockchain Advisor, ElectriCChain & Solcrypto



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