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What happens to my XRB after Nano rebranding?

Since Raiblocks (XRB) have officially announced about the rebranding to Nanocurrency with new website nano.org — there are lot of questions running in everyone’s mind. Answers for few of them are here.

Are my XRB automatically converted to Nano?

Yes! You don’t have to do anything. If you had 10 RaiBlocks (sometimes referred to as 10 mrai), you now have 10 Nano. You can hodl them, send them, request them or trade them same as always.

Some exchanges may be in the process up upgrading to show XRB is now Nano. You can either use caution and wait until their upgrade is finished or go ahead.

Do the denominations change

№10 XRB (or 10 mrai) is 10 Nano. The only thing that changes is the ticker (remember to use $NANO on Twitter)

Is my wallet address the same?

Yes! Your wallet address will continue to be xrb_… for the short term. You can still transact just as you did before.

What if my funds are on RaiWallet

RaiWallet is rebranding to https://nanowallet.io/ but still has the same backend and the same code. The only things that are different are the website name, design and URL. It is still our official web wallet.

What if my funds are on the old Desktop Wallet

Your funds are still safe on there. We are also rolling out new desktop and mobile wallets soon. As long as you have your Wallet Seed backed up, you can use those funds on any of our new wallets. We encourage you to update to one of our new wallets so you can use the latest and greatest in Nano tech.

What will happen to @Raiwalletbot?

Now you must use @NanoWalletBot to manage your funds. Open and find your accounts of the old raiwalletbot, with everything intact, except that it has a new logo and name.

This article is replicated from information posted on Reddit to reach more audience as most of crypto-investors are on Medium. Original post is here

Once your questions are all answered and wondering how to buy Nano (previously called as Raiblocks). Head out to following articles depending on exchange you want to buy.



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