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Why France & Spain are the Running Bulls of Tokenized Real Estate

Tokens are Visiting Spanish Villas & French Châteaus

50 Countries & Counting

Zillios aims to be the world’s largest geotargeted meta-search engine for international property sales and vacation rentals

International Real Estate’s MVP — Most Versatile Portal

The Zillios project is bringing geotargeting and meta-search to the real estate industry, while adding blockchain tech’s inherent qualities of security, transparency, and cost reduction via tokenization.

Searching brings further searches

Google: Wading & Wading

Zillow: Uh… Wrong Country

Daily departures: 3-hour tours of the Chilligan Isles

Zillios: On Point

Enhanced control over real estate marketing campaigns

Another Blockchain First

Listing properties on the Zillios platform is free.

PPC Auctions

The victors of bidding wars see their advertisements listed in the topmost search results.

Packing up…


By the way…



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